Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Only socks and a hairband

I really think Katrina has been happier since I have been actively trying to concentrate on giving her more control over things. It helps that I have had a little more energy in the mornings and so we have been going out on walks more often. Today I was feeling cruddy and craving orange juice, so we went on a walk to the grocery store. Anyway, sometimes I wonder if I am giving her too much control. I don't want to get five years down the road and realize my child is spoiled! But Adam and I discussed this tonight and he reassured me that I'm doing fine and compromising on the non-important things. So I let her eat at the table at almost every meal even though it's more messy for me to clean up, and I allow her to wear her same pajama top almost non-stop, and I let her run around naked sometimes, and I give her graham crackers pretty much whenever she asks for them (which isn't too often, otherwise I'd probably curb that).

So Katrina spent awhile naked today. She didn't want a diaper after her nap and I decided to not push it. The shirt came off a few minutes later. But before she ate lunch, I asked her if I could put her diaper on. She grabbed it from my hand, went to her room, and stood by the changing table, handing the diaper back to me. Of course once I put it on she wanted it off, but I kept it there so she could eat. Later on while she was watching tv, she ran over to me because I forgot to unmute it at the end of the commercial break, pulled off her used diaper, sat on my lap (yuck), and then ran back to the couch.

So when Adam came home, he was on the phone with his mom, and he said to her, "Um, my baby is completely naked. Oh wait, she has socks and a hairband on." I'll admit it was a pretty random sight. The hairband was mine. She insisted I put it on her, and then I took her to the bathroom and stood her on the toilet so she could see herself. She was thrilled by that and we had fun pointing out her anatomy. That led to singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" several times and then later on "Hinges," which she loved.

If I sound like I'm rambling, it's because I'm trying to waste time while timing contractions. Whoo-hoo! I'm having real contractions. Some of them are painful, some feel just like my Braxton Hick contractions. I found an online contraction counting website and it's doing the work for me. Since I started using it my contractions have been 9, 4, 5, 4, 8, 7, 6, 5 minutes apart. As you can see, they are very irregular, and like I said, not nearly painful enough. I remember how painful it was before. I still have a ways to go. But hopefully these continue to get stronger and don't just peter off at bedtime.


Jolena said...

Yay for contractions! Upon typing that I just shook my head and wondered at myself... :) But hopefully it turns into real labor and little baby Y gets here in a hurry! Good luck! I'm praying for you!

Sarah GM said...

I hope it happens on the full moon (december 4th). I know that means you wait a little longer, but it's a fun story to tell your kid later on! But above all I hope everyone is safe sound when it's all said and done!

Amber said...

Contractions yesterday and no post today?!? Good luck bringing that little boy into the world if today (or yesterday) was the day. Enjoy your first little while as a family of four! It's a little crazy with 2 kids sometimes, but it's fun too.

lsj said...

Good luck. It looks like a new baby boy is just around the corner!

Sarah GM said...

Ignore my previous comment! For some reason I thought the full moon was on the 4th, but it had already happened on the 2nd! Duh!