Monday, December 21, 2009

No more chocolate

So I don't eat a whole lot of chocolate, but Adam got a box of Godiva chocolate from his boss and then one of their clients sent them a bunch of Henry and Davids stuff, including some bing cherries. So I've been snacking on lots of chocolate over the past few days. Yesterday I had particularly bad self-control and then Daniel had a horrible time last night. It seemed to be related, so I threw away the rest of the chocolate-covered cherries today and decided to stay away from chocolate. Adam is sick from lack of sleep and these nights are particularly hard on him. Thankfully two nights ago was excellent (meaning Daniel fell back asleep without problem after each feeding), so at least we have some good nights among the difficult ones.

Yesterday we made it out of the house for church, though we were almost defeated by the snow. The roads and parking lot were plowed, but there was a snow drift all around our car. Adam tried to scrape away some of the snow with our snow scraper, but it didn't work. I got into the driver's seat and he pushed the car and after several tries, we were able to get out of the parking spot! I enjoyed going to church and both Katrina and Daniel did well. Katrina started yelling as soon as we started singing each hymn, which was weird and funny. Maybe she was singing along? She was definitely trying to imitate the conductor, who is also one of her nursery leaders.

Today we braved Walmart for our grocery shopping like we do most Monday nights. We live near the King of Prussia Mall and the traffic was pretty horrendous. Daniel doesn't like stop and start traffic, so that was no fun. We split up and Adam took the grocery shopping while I took the babies and tried to find shoes for Katrina. That was a little difficult, picking up Daniel and calming him down, then putting him back and trying shoes on Katrina, and then picking him back up... She really didn't like trying on different shoes. She's pretty attached to her Stride Rites. Unfortunately they are getting too small!

So Katrina is pretty cute with Daniel and also with her baby doll. She likes to put the doll in the swing or in the carseat. Today she picked it up and was holding it and patting its back like I do with the baby. She also likes to pretend to put diaper rash cream on its bum. She likes to pat Daniel or give him high fives and kisses on the head. Today she grabbed his feet, actually just the feet of the pjs, and wiggled them back and forth while saying, "Deedeedeedeedee!" I laughed at that.

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Jolena said...

so I usually see your posts through my RSS feeds on iGoogle, but I went to your blog today and saw the new slideshow of Daniel pictures. What a cutie! Some of his pictures look so much like the ones of Katrina at that age. Fun times! You guys make beautiful children!