Monday, December 28, 2009

Naptime post

The container is just as fun as what is inside.

"Smile for the camera!" always gets a big, open-mouthed grin.

The kitchen and food supply endless fun.
He looks cute but he's a stinker.
Staying awake half the night--or so it feels like. The other night he only woke to eat once but it took an hour and a half to get him to sleep afterwards. Last night it took almost two hours after one of his feedings and his screaming gave Adam a migraine.
Today he continues to refuse to sleep in reasonable places (like his bassinet) and only wants to sleep on me--but NOT in the sling. I got a couple of short naps from him when he was in the wrap, at least, and a short nap in the swing. Not even his boppy is good enough for him today. Thankfully Katrina has been a sweetheart today.
Now that Christmas candy is gone I am cutting out sugar in case that's making him fussy. Oh, and he also wants to eat every hour and a half today. On days like this I am practically forced to be on the computer all day because I'm stuck on the stupid couch!
Like I said, he slept in the wrap for a little while, so I got to eat lunch, organize my new craft cart, and start my thank you cards. I was super lame and only got about half my wedding thank you cards sent out (and the other half had insufficient postage--darn post office giving me the wrong stamps!), so ever since then I have been extra diligent to try to make up for it.

My pj's happen to be the exact same color as this wrap!
Katrina just woke up, so even though I just got Daniel to sleep, I have to disturb him to go get her. Sigh. Two hours until Adam is home.


Jolena said...

So that's a bummer that he's not sleeping. But you look super cute with him in the wrap! You're gorgeous!

Momza said...

Oh how I remember those days of having two little ones at home all day! I would count the hours until my husband was home. The sleepless nights made for long long days too. Hang in there, it DOES get better! The purses are way cute too. Amazing that you find the time to craft too!