Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mini heart attack

I'm recovering from a pull-your-hair-out moment in an otherwise good day. So it all started yesterday during Katrina's naptime. I heard a crash in her room and immediately went to investigate. I found her perched at the top of her dresser. Well, we call it her dresser, but it's just one of those tub things from IKEA. Here's the best picture I can find of it:

So, anyway, she was crouched on top of that and the picture of Jesus on the wall had fallen down. Now, while I find it endearing that she likes that picture so much that she wanted to get it off of the wall, I don't want her hanging out four feet above the floor!!! I removed her, but was of course too nervous to let her stay in there by herself. So naptime failed, and trust me, the rest of the day was pretty miserable. We put her to bed an hour early.

Adam and I tried to figure out what to do. Finally we just decided to move it over a half a foot so it's directly next to the ledge, and then maybe if she climbs up she'll just keep climbing down. Lame solution, especially because she's more likely to fall off of the front. But we aren't sure how to fix this. Today she went down for a nap and I was extra careful to listen to what she was doing in there. She started crying and I immediately went to check unlike my normal wait-and-see approach. Sure enough, she was stuck at the top. So I took her off. It happened again. I took her down, and I think it was that time that I warned her if it happened again she would get spanked. Oh, and I don't think I mentioned that she was crying this whole time because I was mean and wouldn't let her leave the room. So the third time, I spanked her. She doesn't get spanked very often, usually only when she's doing something dangerous and abusive, like trying to kick me and dive off of the changing table. She cried and dribbled snot and immediately wanted me to hug and comfort her, which definitely made me feel better/horrible. Oh, and I had just gotten Daniel to sleep in his pack n play, but he had woken up and was crying in the background. So I was a bit stressed out. Luckily, after the spanking, Katrina voluntarily got into her bed with her blanket, and after I fetched her a sippy cup, she stopped crying and has been silent ever since. Miraculously, when I got back to Daniel, he had stopped crying and was fast asleep.

Juggling two kids makes me feel good about myself and my abilities, but situations like this are so draining! Yesterday the lack of nap was awful. Daniel isn't too bad to take care of. He rarely just cries for no reason. It's pretty much always because he isn't falling asleep and so gets upset and then wants to nurse more. Nights vary in how well they go--if I can get him back to sleep after each feeding, then it's good, but if I can't, then one or both of us spends awhile walking with him and sometimes even sleeping with him on our chest.

Oh, and one more thing. We went to the doctor yesterday to check up on Daniel, and he had gained 18 ounces in 8 days! I had felt a little bad when I had to tell the nurse that he only nurses for ten minutes at a time on only one side, but once I saw the scale, I didn't feel bad anymore! Somehow his lazy nursing still gets results. It's such a relief to have a quick nurser, as opposed to Katrina, who would nurse for a total of 45 minutes sometimes. The doctor heard a heart murmur, but said that, first of all, with that much weight gain she's not worried, and second, these things come and go. So we'll be back in two weeks to check on his heart.


lsj said...

What a day Tori! It looks like your brothers passed on the "climbing" gene to Katrina. :)
Natasha had a heart murmur when she was a baby and as far as I know it is gone now.
I hope you have a better day today. love ya.

Evenspor said...

My first usually nursed at least 45 minutes at a time for the first few months My second usually only 10 minutes. Funny, isn't it? They both also had heart murmurs at different points, but the ped. this time said it's often just because their little chest walls are so thin that you can hear the blood pumping through the arteries.