Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday

I'd like to wish my mother a happy birthday to the blogosphere. Oh yeah... and my son.

Just as Tori's post yesterday predicted, everything was happening all over again. Except FASTER. We were at home watching Glee, but had to leave with only ten minutes left (no one tell me what happened, we're going to watch some Hulu today), since the contractions had been close enough and definitely strong enough. Of course it was raining tremendously last night, so I could barely even see the lane lines on the road. Thankfully, there's no one else out there at 10pm.

So we got the hospital, and I can only imagine we were a sight to behold. In the pouring rain there's a man trying to hold a bag that weighs as much as he does, and next to him is a very pregnant woman holding a large birthing ball and pillows while in the throws of a contraction. We were swept off to the labor and deliver area, where Tori was hooked up to all the monitors and let her body do her thing.

I'll spare you all the TMI details, but suffice it to say, I was hurting and tired just looking at this poor woman as every ounce of her energy was being poured into one event, but she made it though the whole process without the aid of pharmaceuticals -- and in half the time it took for Katrina!

I don't blame her decision not to try that again.

At the end of the process, however, we were blessed with a very handsome, healthy baby boy. His name is Daniel Adam James, he was born at 1:33 am, weighed 7lbs 1.2 oz, and was 20 1/2 inches long.

Both mother and son are doing very well. Thanks for all the well wishes given!

Pictures will be posted once I get some nicer ones, and get to transferring them to the laptop. Never fear, even while exhausted from labor, Tori could still command me to fill-in and take pictures.


Elise said...

I love the name you decided on! Really, it's a great, great name.

That Tori. She always does know how to get things done :).

Cindy said...

Adam, you sure have a way with words.