Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Deja vu

This is exactly like what happened with Katrina. Contractions started, lasted a day and half irregularly, and then hit like clockwork at midnight. So I'm thinking it will happen the same way this time. Adam's mom is thankfully here, she came last night. I spent all night sleeping in fifteen minute or less segments and dying during each contraction because for me, contractions are like five time worse when I'm lying down than when I'm sitting or standing. So I would try sitting on my birth ball, draped over all of my pillows at the side of the bed, but that usually only lasted one or two contractions and then I would climb back into bed. I did end up getting some sleep in the second half of the night first by breathing through contractions and then by just plain enduring them while writhing and trying not to yell. Daytime is so much better! I just sit here and breathe and relax and they are completely manageable.

Not to sound completely negative, but I also have a fairly bad cold, so last night my throat was really sore and I was coughing all night. We walked to the store today to buy me cough losenges because I have almost no voice left. The walk didn't really start up contractions. It seemed to actually stall them out, but then I got a bit of a nap!

So if this continues at the exact same pace as Katrina, I'll have a baby tomorrow evening. I'd like to think that once I hit active labor things will go quicker, so I'll optimistically think that it'll be tomorrow mid-day. :] The best thing is that instead of having an absolutely miserable day with Katrina, she is thrilled to have her Nana (and Gigi the dog) here and it's been really nice instead of horrible. Adam keeps hoping I'll call him to come home from work early but no such luck for him! And I had two contractions while typing this, so maybe they are picking up frequency again.


Jolena said...

Good luck! Can't wait for it to be over and to see the little guy! You can do it!

Cindy said...

I can't wait to see pics. Good luck and happy pushing.