Friday, November 13, 2009

Update and promised pictures

Adding in a little sippy water for easy mixing (and this is one of the sippy cups that she has broken, so the water really was getting mixed with the scrabble tiles.)

Last night Katrina wanted to take her car and wooden spoon with her to the highchair, which I allowed because she was good enough to drop her blanket and not demand that it join her too. I didn't think about what she would do with the wooden spoon. She decided it was much more fun to use than her little plastic spoon.

Katrina woke up from a nap (thankfully a nice three-hour nap) and still refused a diaper. Thankfully the towel picked up any pee. After that I was so paranoid about her having an accident that I kept compulsively asking her, "Do you need to go to the bathroom? Remember, don't pee or poo unless you tell me first." Then she would shake her fist in the "toilet" sign and I had her run after me to the bathroom three different times and set her on the toilet. She sat there obediently for about five seconds and then wanted off and wanted to wash her hands.
Adam took care of the ugly task of getting the diaper on when he got home. After dinner we headed over to Target to look for a matching stocking for the new baby. After Katrina ended up throwing herself down on the floor in the middle of the aisle screaming, we quickly left. Babies R Us was next, where we picked up a potty seat. (Did I mention I hate the word "potty?") Then on our way home we spotted a new Target not even five minutes away from the other one. What's with that? Thankfully they had a stocking we wanted and we headed home, where Katrina was very excited to try out her new potty seat. Her favorite part was the soft round removable part of the seat, which made a perfect hat. In fact, she loved it so much that she insisted on taking it to bed and probably would have slept with it until she threw it at my face during bedtime routine and it was confiscated. So, phew. We got through this day, and tomorrow if she pulls the same stunt at least I'll have Adam as a backup and a toddler-sized toilet that she can park her bum on. It should be exciting!

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