Sunday, November 1, 2009

Um, calling all first violins...

Our stake is performing the Messiah again this year on December 13th. Since I'm due the 5th, it doesn't really seem feasible for me to participate. But I've really been wanting to play violin lately and I just couldn't handle staying at home tonight for the first rehearsal. Adam had a youth fireside at the same time as the rehearsal, and babysitting was provided, so we both headed to the church. It was a good thing I went! I was the only first violin. There were three second violinists, and later a fourth came. We had two cellists as well. There's also several woodwinds and brass, but we didn't practice with them until later in the evening. It was pretty daunting. But somehow, even though I haven't played this music for a year and haven't picked up my violin since July, I was barely rusty at all. I really enjoyed the evening and plan to keep going. If the baby comes early, then I will be more likely to be able to perform with them. If not, well, at least I get to enjoy pulling out my violin for the rehearsals! Luckily, there are two other first violinists for sure who weren't there, and the first chair second violinist can definitely play the first violin part if certain other violinists show up next week like we have heard they will.

I'm going to go enjoy President Uchtdorf's CES fireside with Adam. I actually think he's almost done, but it's nice to be able to get KBYU on our cable. And if after the fireside we switch the channel to quickly check the score of the Phillies/Yankees game, I don't think anyone would fault us! :]

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Andrea Frazer said...

Wow, I leave the blog world for six months and people are having babies left and right! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be checking back to be sure.