Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today's pictures

I'll warn you in advance, I took lots of pictures today. First I got out the camera to photograph our dining room wall, and then I just kept taking pictures. Also, last Father's Day I got Adam a swiveling picture frame for his desk at work. He's requested updated pictures a few times since and so I decided that I needed newer pictures of Katrina. Those are hard, because she's always running everywhere.

First off, I finally hung up the wall hangings that I made for the dining room. This took forever because I needed a hammer and our hammers were stuck in the car while it was in the shop.
I like how it looks, though I'm a little embarassed at how crazy the tops of those cupboards look.
I tried to get a picture without them but the Cheerios are just so prominent! :] I hung the quilts on some pieces of bamboo that someone had thrown on the grass in front of our patio.
Next I took pictures of the squares I created yesterday and last night during commercials of So You Think You Can Dance (and honestly, I skipped all the commentary and judging too. I just like watching the dancing!).
Some squares I like better than others. Some were much easier to create because I had more fabric of that color. I like the squares where I got to use fur.

I still have to make pink, brown, black, and white. The real hang-up is the black. I only have one piece of black felt and some black fur. The white square will be a bit boring too because I just have different pure-white fabrics, nothing with cool texture except a little white fur and white felt. I will have to figure out what to do about those squares, preferably without spending more money on a non-essential project. We'll see what I can scrounge up, maybe among some of the Goodwill-bound clothes.
Here's the start of the Katrina pictures. Hair all over the place!

She likes to live on the edge. The other day she was doing this with her lion push toy as well. At least this is a bit more sturdy.
I took about fifteen pictures before I got a good expression and a clear picture!
First attempt at putting her hair up--she pulled it halfway out in minutes.
She sure loves to read.
Okay, so she spent some time unclothed because she had some awful bleeding diaper rash. I'm not sure why it was so bad but all signs point to the green crayon she ingested during naptime yesterday. I like this picture because it gives you an idea of how high her hair sticks up when it's in a ponytail. She really wasn't that grumpy. In fact, she spent her twenty minutes or so of naked time eating crackers and doing laps. The pony tail and purple socks made it rather laughable.

Finally dressed for the day and looking cute.
She comes closer, eyeing the dangling lenscap...
And whoops! Goodbye....
Ha, I managed to get more pictures after all.
Ooo, another almost-smile.
And Katrina demonstrates her proficiency with a mouse. She recently figured out how to use the scroll knob with her finger. She also liked to slide her hands all over the keyboard but luckily doesn't press down, so she doesn't mess things up too much.
Pulling out her trusty lion. I think she was saying "Whoa!" or "Ooo-weee!"
So that was our morning! And it sounds to me like Katrina is asleep now and so I'll have to go move her off the floor. She falls asleep in her bed almost every night now but has yet to accomplish that during naptime. Maybe today will be the lucky day.
Yes, I just checked and she's on her bed!!!!!


Jolena said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love these pictures! You're going to have to cut her bangs one of these days, but she is so cute with all that hair in her face. :)

Tasha's Life said...

Tori, I love it!!!!! So precious!! Awesome on the color squares. You are amazing!!!

SarahGM said...

I love the color book idea!