Saturday, November 21, 2009

This week in pictures

One of Katrina's favorite places to be is on the computer chair. She also loves to steal the computer from us.

She also loves to watch tv, to suck on her blanket, and to stand in Daddy's shoes, and to occasionally do all three at the same time.

When we were eating dinner at a friend's house on Sunday, they had a mini Swiffer that she loved. I thought she might like helping me with our real Swiffer.
She preferred the open space of the bedroom because she didn't keep getting stuck on the tub or toilet.
She also demanded to eat at the table earlier this week and continues to eat about one meal or snack each day at the table instead of her high chair. If this continues we are contemplating buying this.
Today she learned a new trick.
I love it when she hangs off a piece of furniture and starts yelling, "Ugh! Ugh!" That means she wants help, but I of course laugh a little and just encourage her to keep going. What's not cool is that she also likes to stand up on the toy chest (and on the computer chair and on the dining room chair) so I have to watch her like a hawk and keep reminding her and counting to 3 to get her to sit down.
Okay, so now for my brief crazy moment that occurred last night at 10:30 pm. Adam was at a campout, I didn't want to watch tv, I didn't really want to sew, and I had just finished my book. My solution? Cut my own hair. I read instructions on a couple of websites and just went at it. I even put in layers. I used the bangs from my previous haircut as the shortest layers and it all worked out. I ended up a bit shorter than I am totally happy with, but that's because I just prefer my hair to be super long, since the extra weight helps to keep it from going straight out like a mushroom. Well, now I've got a mushroom. It happens with professional haircuts too. The only solution is to actually style my hair everyday and that just ain't happening!
So here it is this afternoon, right after I dried it and then tried to push it down with my hands as best as possible.
Then I did a quick and dirty straightening job.
It works. I don't love it, but I don't think I did a horrible job or anything. Adam will be surprised when he gets home from his campout! My last haircut was about a year ago and the one before that was two days before Katrina was born. Maybe this one will be two days before Baby Y is born!
Aaaand a close-up.


Elise said...

Wow, Tori. I'm so impressed! I would never have the guts to cut my own hair. You really did an excellent job. Now you know your next career option, eh?

Jolena said...

I love your hair! You did such a good job! I don't think it looks like a mushroom. I have to fight with that too.

Oh, and you look fantastic. Mom and I were just discussing tonight how we think you look really good pregnant and don't look very big. You're hot! :) lol

Cindy said...

I don't see the mushroom. It's really cute. I wouldn't lie to you.