Monday, November 23, 2009

Table Runners

So I mentioned before about how I fell in love with some fabric I saw on the internet and then tracked it down so I could use it myself. I was going to make potholders like the original that I saw, but the pattern was just a little bigger than I wanted for potholders and so I decided to make a tablerunner instead. I ended up making three--one for my visiting teacher, one for me, and one for a present. I am not entirely satisfied with them, but oh well. I really wish I had stuck with solid colors for all of them instead of mixing green and red, but Adam keeps reassuring me they look fine, so I'm going to trust him. I mostly just "stitched in the ditch" (quilting in just the seams), though on one of them I quilted the stars.

And here are some close-ups of the pattern.

Now I just need to clean my dirty table off enough that I can put one of these on it!


Cindy said...

I love the fabric. It's like a nativity toile. p.s. Adam is right the red and green look good together. It's much more festive. Which one are you going to keep for yourself?

Momza said...

Tori, I love it. Just absolutely beautiful fabric, and you have made something lovely out of it too! It really is so nice. Any chance you could make one for your old Mia Maid Advisor??

Sarah GM said...

Oh I love them!