Monday, November 23, 2009

Still the Substitute

Yesterday they called a new primary pianist! She was the primary pianist before me and is quite familiar with the calling, so that is good, since she only has a few weeks until the program. However, she's also the ward organist, so it seems like she's pretty loaded down now. You'd think this would mean that I'm free to relax and enjoy Sunday School and Relief Society for the first time in a year and a half, but no such luck! The new pianist was subbing as a teacher yesterday and so I ended up playing during the third hour. And next week she's on vacation so I'm subbing for her! It's like this endless cycle of subbing...if I had still been pianist she would have been my sub. And she subbed for me last week for closing exercises. And now the word sub looks like it's spelled wrong.

Adam and I are decorating for Christmas tonight. We normally wait until the day after Thanksgiving, or sometimes even Thanksgiving itself, but we wanted to make sure it's done this year in case I go early like I did with Katrina. I cleared off some shelves today in preparation. We already bought a small 3-ft tree to use instead of our 6-ft tree and we have it up where Katrina can't reach. I'm excited to be festive! We have a growing collection of decorative Christmas trees (my goal is to add one each year, until I get old and tired of clutter and then I can get rid of one each year!), nutcrackers, and Santas. I would also like to collect different kinds of nativities.

I have an hour of nap left and two table runners to hopefully finish. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

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