Friday, November 20, 2009

Scouting Widow

Tonight's the one night a month that Adam is gone camping. I must admit, I'm glad that he's the assistant scoutmaster now because maybe then he'll have to go to fewer campouts. Not that one night a month is that bad, but in June he was gone three Fridays in a row and then for a whole week for scout camp. I'm not sure what I'm going to do tonight. There's not much evening left, since I spent most of it reading a good book. I might work more on my tablerunners.

Today I am most proud of myself for walking a mile. It's been wet here the past few days so I didn't want to go to the park, plus it's hard to tear Katrina away from it. So I had Adam leave me the stroller and we went on a walk on the trail nearby. It's paved and the first part is fenced on both sides so I can even let Katrina out of the stroller. I really think she functions better the days that she gets a chance to run wild and free sometime during the day. Since winter is rapidly approaching I'm trying to get us out of the house every day if I have the energy. Sure enough, she loved running along the trail and picked up two pet rocks that accompanied us home. There are always lots of people with dogs on the trail and she loves that too. It took us a whole hour because I walk so slowly and because of her exploring. I kept wondering what would happen if my water broke. No such luck! I have a feeling this baby is hanging in there for a little while yet. I'm 38 weeks tomorrow.

Katrina kept her clothes on all day and allowed me to change her diaper without fighting, which was such a relief. In fact, she was in a great mood all day. She didn't even ask me to watch tv until after dinner. She didn't really want to go to bed, but she fell asleep quickly. Unfortunately, it was on the floor. She's regressed a little the past couple of days. We think it's because she likes to be near the light that comes under the door. Sometimes we will be walking down the hallway and her little voice will suddenly surprise us with a, "Mnah-mnah!" And then her fingers will stick out from under the door. It's always a little shocking because it sounds like she's right next to or behind us. Last night we left a book in her room and when Adam went in to move her, she had it in her hand and apparently was trying to read it with the light from under the door! It's all right, especially since she's napping really well in her bed lately. She falls asleep within 20 minutes and almost always in her bed and not the floor. I'm so glad we started the process when we did so that she is now trained before her little brother comes. I don't think she thinks of the crib as her bed anymore.

I got Adam's Christmas present in the mail today! It's so nice to have Christmas plans almost done. I think I just need to figure out and buy Katrina's gifts and finish making a few other gifts. Unfortunately it's really hard figuring out what to get her. A chair, a trike (nixed until 2nd birthday), a doll, shoes? I'd love to get her all of it! But we're trying to narrow it down.

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Elise said...

Katrina has such a great personality. I just love it! As far as Christmas goes, we're getting Ashley the Stella doll from Manhattan toys because it is plush and doesn't look creepy (you can find it on Amazon). It is expensive for a doll, but I'd bet Katrina would like it as well! I got Ashley a cheap doll stroller to go with it because I know that will be the biggest draw. Maybe Katrina would also enjoy pushing a doll around in a stroller? You can find cute ones at Wal-mart for not very much.

Christmas can be hard. Let us know what you decide to do!