Friday, November 13, 2009

Refusing a diaper--weird

Today's post was going to have some cute pictures of Katrina mixing up some scrabble tiles in a mixing bowl while adding some water from her sippy cup. And another cute picture of her trying to eat her dinner with a long wooden spoon instead of her normal plastic spoon. But I am too exhausted. We've had a trying morning.

Well, actually, we mostly had a great morning. Katrina was happy from the moment she woke up and we played in the living room, then moved to her bedroom and spent awhile playing with my exercise ball and her toys and just all-around having fun. At lunchtime I started getting her food ready. Then the weirdness happened. Katrina started tugging at her shirt and then her diaper. I was confused. Was she tired of the shirt because she had worn it to bed too? Did she already need a diaper change? Of course I asked her these questions, but got no answer other than, "Ahhhh! Uhhhh!" So I pulled off her shirt and pants. I checked, and her diaper could use changing, so I went to her room and tried to coerce her to follow me. Then the crying started. She stood outside her room crying at me and I put her on the changing pad and she cried and struggled and acted as if the world was ending. I had to pin her to the table to get the diaper back on, and her screams and tugging at the diaper alarmed me so much that I took it off. She got down and ran around like crazy for awhile, apparently happy now that her diaper was off.

Well, the stress of waiting for her to pee or poo got too much for me. I tried to bribe her into letting me put her diaper on in return for the muffin that was part of her lunch. It didn't work. She wanted the muffin but not the diaper. I finally forced her into the diaper and then her high chair to eat, but it was a little violent and traumatic and once she was in her chair she just kept holding her arms out to me pleadingly (while stuffing her face with the muffin). I was sick of it. So I hauled her to her room and put her and her lunch on the bed with the intent of leaving her there to cry things out. But it was so pathetic that I just had to hug her, take the diaper off, and let her go back to eat in the living room. She was fine while eating or if distracted, but she just kept crying. It was obvious it was nap-time. I covered her bed with a towel and put her there, and she fell asleep (still completely buck-naked) within minutes. I also turned the heat up, so I'm sweltering but hopefully she's not cold.

My child baffles me. I asked some online friends for help and they suggested a UTI or yeast infection. The thing is, she doesn't really show symptoms for either of those, like a fever or redness and itching. I'm pretty upset that our really good day is probably ruined now, since I doubt she'll want the diaper when she wakes either. Oh, and she's been only napping for an hour and a half for the last couple of days, which is not enough because then she yawns the rest of the afternoon. I probably only have a few more minutes before it all starts up again.

On a positive note, yesterday evening we had our birthing class on advanced comfort measures and it was very helpful. I did horribly with the pain last time I was in labor, and I had a day and a half of sporadic contractions and over 12 hours of horrible, regular contractions before I went to the hospital and got epidural relief. This time I want to be more prepared! Last time I just had no time or energy to prepare more than I did because of full-time school and a job too. This time I have much more time and energy to put towards labor prep.


Elise said...

Wow! I have to say, this is something I've never experienced with my kids. I keep telling you Katrina is smart! Everett would sit in poop all day long if I'd let him, so he never minded the diaper much. I do know of lots of kids who frequently escape from their diapers, but I haven't had that happen with mine yet. Maybe Ashley. I bet in another few months, you'll be getting a desperate phone call from me.

I'm hoping that Katrina will be okay with her diaper after her nap, for your sanity! It's not easy chasing a toddler around when you're pregnant. You're doing great and you always seem to know exactly what to for her. I feel for you. What a rough situation.

Anna said...

Sounds like it is a perfect time to introduce the potty!!!

Sarah GM said...

From what I've read it's completely normal for kids to want to be naked. Some want to be, some don't. It sounds like Katrina is just stating another one of her likes or dislikes. And she wants to be in control of something. As kids, they need some sense of control over their world. And maybe she wants to be potty trained (sorry about the potty reference!). But it might be hard to start now if the new baby comes in the middle of it and that new stress stops her progress for awhile.