Friday, November 27, 2009


No baby yet! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving down in Jersey and ended up staying the night. I went to see New Moon today with Adam's mom and sister while the dads watched the babies. We hung around there as long as possible today but didn't want to spend another night, so we headed home. It's nice to be back in our own apartment, but we really enjoyed spending time with the family. We'll be back there tomorrow for more birthday celebrations!

I guess that's all. I just thought I'd check in so no one thinks that too long of a silence means that the baby has arrived.

Here's something cute--Katrina watched parts of Toy Story and really enjoyed it. When she found her cousins's Woody toy that has a string you can pull on the back, she loved pulling it and making him talk. Ever since then she has walked around saying, "Yee-aah."

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