Sunday, November 8, 2009

Poke in the nose!

Yesterday was a great Saturday--we spent the morning cleaning a couple of closets and freeing up space for both storage and baby things. Then we headed down to New Jersey for Adam's sister's birthday. Katrina was well-behaved and even napped there. Those sorts of Saturdays are a nice mixture of fun and accomplishing things.

We were at the park yesterday and Katrina was fairly shy around the other little kids. She would smile but stay close to my leg. That's pretty normal for her. But then after being at the park for several minutes she headed over to where some other kids were at. To my suprise she walked right up to a toddler younger than her and poked the little girl in the nose! Then she went over to her sister and tried to do the same! I've seen her do that to her little cousin, but never to a stranger. Adam and I laughed so hard. Today when I dropped her off at nursery I warned the sister that Katrina had developed that habit and to watch out in case she started poking kids in the nose and got their eyes instead.

Our speaker in Sacrament meeting ran over ten minutes past the end of the meeting, which normally would have made us miserable trying to entertain Katrina for even that much longer. However, we seemed to have hit the jackpot for entertainment. After we cycled through all of the normal toys, I pulled out a coloring book with those markers that only write on special paper. They are much more expensive than normal markers and coloring books, but we decided it was worth it if it worked. Well, it did! She was quite happy to scribble and play with the markers for over half of the meeting. She also liked to stand on the bench and whisper "hi" over and over again to the people behind us. I really do have quite a cute child.

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