Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our fun morning

We haven't gone to the park in awhile because Katrina always wants me to pick her up and put her on the slides, and that is physically really difficult. Today she was distracted by all of the leaves and she is better at climbing up the stairs now, so I don't have to lift her up as much. She definitely had fun! She brought home some big ball/pod/seed things and carried them around all day, including at lunch and dinner.

In other news, we are basically done with Christmas presents! How awesome is that? I still have a cousin gift but that list hasn't been sent around yet. I also still need to finish some homemade gifts but those are all planned out completely. We found a great idea today for our difficult giftees (cough, the guys, cough), and now Christmas stress is basically over. We just need to figure out what to get Katrina and each other. I feel like my mom--she gets gifts done early every year so she can enjoy the holidays without as much stress. My real motivation this year is to get things done before the baby comes, but it's the same idea--I want to enjoy the new baby and the Christmas season and all of the fun stuff involved with the holidays without stressing over everything that still needs to be done.

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lsj said...

Way to go Tori!