Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Muddy Morning

Katrina is dancing around naked right now watching the Wiggles on Sprout. If you knew how much I dislike the Wiggles that can explain a little of how worn out I am right now. We had a very traumatic/hilarious experience today. Traumatic for Katrina, hilarious for me. We went to the park and she played for awhile, and stared at the other kids for awhile. I talked to the two babysitters there who were just a little younger than me and still in college. I noticed that Katrina had wondered off of the playground chasing crows. There is a steep hill that goes down into a baseball field, so I followed her from a distance. The crows flew away and Katrina gave up to come back. She slipped and when she got back up, I noticed she had mud all over her hand. I thought, "Great, how am I going to clean that off?" but I said, "Oh it's all right sweetie, it's just a little mud. Come on back and we'll clean it off." Katrina started back but then she slipped right into a puddle of mud and water! I had noticed it, but thought she would walk in a different direction. She immediately started crying as she sat in a pile of mud and water that came up to her waist. I made my way down the hill and realized that the whole area was a mud puddle. I slipped and slid over to her and in the process of picking her up slipped down onto my knees. Then I completely lost both shoes while trying to walk away! Of course, then I slipped more and practically dropped Katrina so I could grab my shoes, which were already sinking down into the mud and water. She was screaming. Finally we got up and back up the hill to the playground. Poor Katrina. She hates being dirty and I can't imagine that being stuck in a mud puddle would be fun. She cried the whole way home. I was trying to figure out how to get us in the apartment and clean enough to not track mud everywhere. I ended up leaving my shoes and socks on the balcony, rolling up my pants, and carrying her to our bathroom, where she got stuck in the tub while I removed my muddy clothing and then got hers. Mine is still piled in the sink. Here is hers:
Her gray pants are almost all black. Once she's in bed I'll have to try to clean everything off. Naptime will be soon. She's naked (refused a diaper again) and will probably refuse to eat, so after the Wiggles I'm putting her down for a nap on a towel again. I'm hoping to get some sewing in too. My table runner is looking nice.

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Elise said...

That is hysterical! You'll have to remember this day, because these are the stories she'll love to hear when she gets a little older. Priceless!