Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Katrina Quirks

So I have been trying to remember little quirks and things that Katrina does because she really does make me laugh a lot these days.

--She must have learned this from nursery, but she loves to spin around with her hands in the air clasped in little fists. This is my signal to sing "Ring around the Rosie." She sometimes falls down, sometimes doesn't, but always wants me to sing it more than once, and sometimes ten or twenty times in a row.

--I think I've told her a time or two that trains say "choo-choo," but then the other day Thomas the Tank Engine came on tv and she started saying, "Doo-doo! Doo-doo!" Every time she sees a train she likes to say that, but then she also started saying it while playing with a couple of her car toys. We tell her "vroom!" but she insists it's "doo-doo!"

--Anytime I go into either bathroom she follows me and climbs into the bathtub. In her bathroom she plays with the letters and numbers, in our tub she plays with the shampoo or points out that the top of the body wash is a "wowal," or oval. Every bathroom stop for me is a community field trip, and I put up with that because I'd rather avoid a yelling toddler and sacrifice some privacy. Sometimes in the evening when Adam is home I insist on private bathroom trips and she will lay down and talk to me under the door. She does this at night from her room too, and the other night I was bad and played finger and toe games with her from the other side of the door. What can I say, it was fun!

-We bought the Gospel Art book that has lots of pictures from the scriptures, and Katrina loves to flip through it and point at Jesus. Yesterday and today she keeps bringing it to me turned to the back where there are pictures of all of the modern-day prophets. I have to sing the primary song "Latter-day Prophets" and point out all of them while singing. Then she tells me to do it again and we repeat until something else thankfully gets her attention and I can rest my voice.

-She called a man at church "Jesus" on Sunday and even though I said, no that's not him, she kept insisting he was. This guy has a rather full beard and longish hair.

-Every night when we check on her we leave her door only partly closed. In the morning she gets up, lays down by the door so she can open it by pulling on the bottom, and then runs into our room with her blanket. Usually she runs to me first to get a hug, and then starts opening drawers and playing with things or following Adam as he gets ready. She also likes to cuddle in Adam's lap so he sits down on the floor and she backs into his lap.

-She gives open-mouthed cheek kisses, but lately has been bad about kissing us when we request. She grins and then kisses the person standing next to whoever is holding her. After watching Adam kiss me on the lips goodbye, she has started trying to kiss me on the lips, but thankfully closed-mouthed! However, she tries to kiss Adam open-mouthed on the lips, which grosses him out.

-Katrina gets fixated on us wearing certain things. We were playing with Adam's hats the other day and for the next few days she insisted I wear his Scout hat almost nonstop. Yesterday she pulled the belt off of his pants and then brought it to me and insisted I wear it. I could only get it on up above my belly on the widest hole, but she didn't let me take it off. Today she tried that again but I didn't want to put up with the discomfort. A few days ago I wore some different pajamas that were soft and light blue as opposed to my normal black yoga pants and black shirt (I wear pajamas pretty much 20 hours out of the day, only changing before Adam comes home in the evenings so we can go out if necessary). She loved those pajamas and the next morning when I changed back into my other clothes, she kept pulling out the blue ones and bringing them too me while babbling insistantly.

-I pretended to suck on my finger through her blanket like she always does. This made her giggle and pull it away from me. Then she stuck her blanket-covered thumb in my face so I could suck on her finger.

-If she finds something long and easy to drape, it gets draped around her shoulders. It totally is a strangulation hazard but it's pretty cute, so I just try to keep strings and stuff away for the most part but on occasion I let her do it and just keep a close eye. Today I took out my phone charger and she took possession of it in order to drape it around her shoulders. She spent most of the morning with it hanging from around her neck.

-I think I may have mentioned this before but she loves to tickle us. She says "liddle liddle" and tickles my belly. She especially loves to pull up my shirt and tickle my flattened belly button.

I am bouncing on my birth ball thinking encouraging thoughts to the baby. He is putting a lot of pressure on my lower abdomen currently and I'm getting way too excited about that fact. I had an appointment yesterday and I was just as dilated as two weeks ago. Much of my pelvic pain has actually subsided and it really feels like not much is going on. I finished some Christmas gifts last night and now feel ready to have this baby, but it really would be much nicer to wait until after Thanksgiving. I don't even have a hospital bag packed. I think I'll do that during naptime, which seems to have started successfully, whoo-hoo!

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