Monday, November 16, 2009

Just too froggy and weird

Adam and I will admit that we perhaps love frogs too much. Turtles as well. The first thing we bought for Katrina when I was pregnant with her was a stuffed frog and things have just progressed from there. Today I was having fun looking at nativity scenes on Etsy and discovered this:
Now, that's just too much for me! I will admit that I bought a fabric panel of the 12 Froggy Days of Christmas and I have no idea what to do with it. But that's different. It's not a nativity scene!

I am off to sew us a Christmas table runner. I saw some fabric the other day on some potholders on Etsy and fell in love, then searched all over until I found that same fabric, which is actually discontinued. It's a nativity fabric and I'm hoping it turns out as well in practice as in my head.

Oh, and Katrina is currently taking a nap without a shirt on. She would be naked if I would have let her. Yes, our current struggle continues. Last night we had to end up putting her pajamas on her several hours after she went to bed because in her sleepy state she was too tired to protest. I dread every single diaper change. She'll come willingly and even lie down on the floor for me to change her, but then as soon as I start she screams and tries to squirm away naked. Weird child.

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