Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just checking in

I was hoping to miss church today but nothing much has changed. I feel great. Other than being incredibly antsy and getting sore/tired super easily, I can't really believe I'm actually nine months pregnant. Katrina was born a week early, so I keep expecting to go into labor early, but I know that it doesn't always happen that way.

We went on a nice family walk tonight. I insisted on pushing the stroller both for the support and to make my body work harder. I know everyone says the baby won't come until it's ready but I can't help but want to help things along with some walking and other things. Some women on my December birth board have taken castor oil to try to start labor. Bleh. That's not for me. Walking and maybe a good foot massage with the pressure points that are supposed to start labor are about as much as I'm willing to try!

We decided to put the bassinet together tonight. Katrina helped by trying to climb into the bottom basket repeatedly. After we put it all together (purple spots and all from the gentian violet spill from before), we tried to explain to her that that's where the new baby will sleep. We borrowed a baby doll from Katrina's cousins and she loves carrying it around. We put the baby doll in the bassinet and covered him up with a burp cloth. She insisted on bringing the baby to her bedroom. Adam raised the crib up and she decided that her baby needed to sleep in the crib. It was really cute. She definitely loves the baby doll, and she certainly loves babies in general, it just remains to be seen how she reacts to one that doesn't go away!

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