Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just another day...

Katrina is an angry little girl today. I know exactly why. She wants more attention from me. I have gotten into the bad habit of mostly letting her play by herself and entertain herself because that seems to be what she prefers, but I think that even though she doesn't seem to notice if I'm playing along with her or not, she really does like it. So I'm am trying to do better, but it's hard when hauling my body around is so physically taxing.

We still managed to have some good moments today among all of the tantrums and power struggles. We pulled out some tissue paper and played with that for awhile. I tried to show her how to blow it off of her hand, but that was just a little too difficult for her. Instead, she threw the pieces up in the air at the same time as blowing into the air, which was pretty cute.
Yesterday we drove Adam to work and on the way home stopped at a new park. Turns out it was intended for kids 5-12 but we still spent about 45 minutes there on the swings and playing with sticks. Katrina likes sticks. She likes to hit things with them. But yesterday she discovered digging with them. That was new and exciting and she spent a long time running around digging in the dirt or dragging them through the sand and yelling "Wheee!" I didn't have the heart to take them away and so they came home with us, though they mysteriously disappeared while she was watching tv.

Speaking of tv, I hate commercials. I mute the tv anytime a commercial break comes on. Katrina, of course, stays glued to the tv and doesn't seem to notice that the sound is gone. But then this week she has started climbing off the couch and running over to me if I haven't unmuted the tv when the show comes back on. She picks up the remote next to me and hands it to me with a "De do!" I think it's interesting that she recognizes the difference between the commercials and the actual program. Ugh, tv is another sore point with me this week. Since absolutely nothing seems to hold her interest, she's been demanding a lot of tv, and I'm giving in more than I normally do. Our one hour max of tv (half an hour before breakfast and another half an hour right before Daddy comes home) has been extending a lot more often than I like. I wish I didn't stress so much about it but then I'll read another study about how tv makes kids more aggressive or ups the chances of ADHD or whatever, and I renew my desire to limit it.
We have given up on crayons because they keep breaking and though she loves to play with the pieces and hide them away in different places, we don't love having to look for them. Also, I keep finding crayon marks in random places, like on my laptop, on the glass of several pictures, on the tv, on the walls, on her sheets... Markers have also been on the do-not-allow list ever since she figured out how to open them. Today, though, I put her in her high chair, taped down some paper, and let her go. That was fun for the ten minutes it lasted before her whining and crying at me made me snap and the markers were taken away. Why was she whining at me? No idea. "De do! De do!" She gives me the markers. I open them. She cries. I close them. She cries. She starts to sweep her hands all over the place, trying to knock the markers onto the floor. I take them away. She cries. I put her in her room to scream while I clean off the tray and put the markers away. Sigh. Can you sense my frustration? That is how all of our games today have been. Bubbles? Lasted about three minutes because she started crying when I touched the wand while she was holding it, and then she threw it on the floor in a fit of rage and I confiscated it in a fit of Mommy-rage. Playing on the keyboard? That is impossible now because she would rather unplug the speaker cord than play the keys, and even though I taped it off so she couldn't access it, Adam untaped it to put the headphones in and now we're back to the same old struggle.

Her scribbles were much clearer with markers than crayons. I've noticed that she gets frustrated with crayons because either they aren't very soft and you have to press really hard to make a mark, or she happens to pick colors like yellow that don't show up well on white paper.

She cried because she wanted her blankie up there. I decided to allow it since hopefully these markers are washable.

Sure enough, the blankie is now covered in orange, brown, and red marks. Later on today I'll find out how well the marker comes out when I do a load of her clothes.
Cute things she's done lately: Katrina is not supposed to play in the kitchen trash can or open the lid. She knows this and has to be reminded constantly. Occasionally she'll pick something up off the floor and before she puts it in her mouth I'll say, "Oh that's trash, can you bring it to me?" Then I throw it away in the nearest trash can. Yesterday she picked up a used wrapper for something. I told her, "that's trash." A minute later I realized she had just run into the kitchen, and then I heard the lid on the trash can. Then she ran out. I peeked in the can later on and sure enough, it was in there! So, good girl. Way to be tidy. I've mentioned this before, but she has a lot of tidy habits. She usually places things back where she found them after she's done using them, like her sippy cup. She always closes drawers after opening them. She wipes her hands anytime she falls and gets sand on them, and yesterday was concerned at some dirt on my sleeve and tried to wipe it off for me. She loves to wash her hands in the sink (though yells when I try to get her to wipe them). She has learned from us that kleenexes are for wiping noses and so if she gets her hand on a spare kleenex, she pretends to blow her nose in it, crumples it up, and then hands it to me. However, with all of those cute little habits, she still really likes to do things like rub used plates on her head. Bleh. I hate washing food out of hair!

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