Thursday, November 19, 2009

Control Issues

Naked struggles and food struggles and diaper changing struggles continue. My mother-in-law suggested that Katrina really just wants to have control over something, and I think she's right. I try to give her choices, like which flavor of oatmeal she gets to eat, but I think she wants a little more control than that. So I really have been trying to follow her lead a little more. Yesterday I was changing her clothes and she didn't want to change out of her pajama top. Fine. Today it was 10:00 and she started tugging at her pajama top. Ok. Off it came. I only took it off partway and made her figure out the rest. Might as well teach her to undress herself, right? Then came the pants. And finally, though I was reluctant, off came the diaper. We spent a lot of time going and sitting on the little potty chair (fine, I'll succumb, but I still don't say "Do you need to go potty"), but nothing happened. I really don't think she's ready for potty training at all. But if she's going to be running around nude I'd like to at least make the effort to get her to use that instead of the floor. Surprisingly, with all of the time she has spent naked, she's only had one accident on the floor in her room and everything else has occurred on the towel on her bed during her nap.

She also refuses her highchair sometimes. I don't let her eat in the living room unless it's a snack of just crackers, so I was at my wits end yesterday when she first did this. Then she tried to climb into a table chair and I decided why not, she could eat at the table. Well, she sat there obediently and ate her whole lunch at the table. She had her breakfast there this morning too. It is potentially a problem because when she's done she tries to turn around and stand up, and our chairs are easily tipped backwards. But during the actual meal she stays put. It's really kind of fun to sit at the table next to her and eat.

I'm plugging along. Some days I have more pain walking around than others, and it's usually at its worst in the evenings and at night. Last night I recruited Adam to clean the bathrooms with me because I'd like everything to get deep cleaned before the baby comes. He took one and I took the other. I even scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees! My Braxton Hicks contractions were much closer and stronger for the rest of the night, but it didn't send me into labor or anything! That's good; I want to wait until after Thanksgiving so I don't have to be in the hospital during the holiday.

Well, I'm really trying to get these table runners done quickly. I have been lazy during naptime for the last few days and then at night I'd rather veg in front of the tv. One of them is a thank-you gift for my baby shower hostess, so I want to get it done quickly. Off to go sew!

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Sarah GM said...

I agree that she might need some control. My daughter is going through similiar issues. Oh the stress! Then you have to ask yourself which battles you want to spend in a power struggle with a toddler?!?!?!