Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas sewing

I've been having great fun during Katrina's naptimes the past two days. I am working on some Christmas presents and I am going crazy because I can't show them to anyone or on here or on Facebook... I'll definitely take pictures but by the time Christmas comes, who knows if I'll remember to post them. I think they are turning out very nicely. But today I ran out of some necessary supplies, so I have temporarily switched my attention to a different project, one that has no reason, it just looks fun. I am making this little book of colors. I suppose it will be for Katrina, but I don't know how much she'll be interested in it. Mostly I'm just making it for our book collection, and because it looks cute. Since I don't have nearly enough fabric scraps in the different colors, I went onto eBay, my favorite place for buying fabric these days, and got an assortment of colored squares. I made my first crazy quilt square today for the red page and it looks cute. I don't know if I'll work on it more tonight or not, since there's actual tv to watch instead of baseball (yay Phillies for winning last night, but I'm getting really tired of baseball!), and I like to be in the same room as Adam in the evening. Sometimes he irons shirts and I sew, which is fun and domestic. :]

Not only did I sew a lot today but I did five loads of laundry and made dinner. And I made dinner last night too! Twice in a row is amazing for me. Two of the loads were baby boy clothes and I organized them all in the drawers. We'll see how long that lasts before Katrina reorganizes them.

On a separate note, can I just hire a nanny for the mornings? Katrina was awful today, and not much better yesterday. Yesterday she got bored easily, but today she didn't even want to play with anything, she just wanted to cry at me and watch tv and then cry when I wouldn't let her, and then cry when I turned it on because I put in the movie Ratatouille and anytime it got loud or frantic she got scared. Yesterday was really difficult in the napping department, so today I really did intend on putting her down later to avoid the same troubles. But when I asked her if she was ready for a nap she climbed on her bed, waved goodbye, and then did that again after I changed her diaper. Then when I left the door open to go get a sippy cup she ran behind me and closed it. Okay. Fine by me. She took an hour to fall asleep while she played happily and then she napped for three hours. Also fine by me. But then she turned into a stinker again about the time Adam came home and the rest of the day was miserable too. So can I hire a nanny in the evening too? I'll cover the afternoon shift.

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Elise said...

Ha ha, you're hysterical. I bet Katrina wouldn't enoy a nanny nearly as much as she enjoys you, but I definitely feel your pain. Definitely. It's rough for so many reasons. She isn't getting molars in, is she? I never paid attention to that and I wish I had. But you're smarter than me so you've probably already checked :).

I absolutely love the rainbow book, by the way. What a simple concept, but what a beautiful design! It makes me want to do it. Also, EMAIL ME THE PICTURES of what you're doing if you're going crazy. I won't tell, promise!