Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby shower and our future chess champion

I just got back from my baby shower! I've been happily cutting off all the tags from the clothes and showing them off to Adam and snacking on the skittles that I found in the middle of the diaper cake. :] So here are a few pictures from the evening.
My visiting teacher threw me the shower. She spent all day cooking (and she cooks really well). I was amazed to have a full dinner instead of just hors d'ouevres.
Blankets with little turtles from my mom! I've been eyeing our supply of pink and purple blankets and trying to figure out how many of them aren't too girly to use for this little boy, so these are awesome.
My chubby little nephew. He liked the vaulted ceiling which allowed his little noises to echo. He's four months old and it's fun to see him looking around and starting to interact more with life.
The awesome diaper cake that my sister-in-law made. Isn't it amazing? I've seen diaper cakes before but I've never seen socks and washcloths turned into flowers! Plus, like I mentioned, there were bottles in the middle full of candy, which makes me extra happy! :]
Lots of adorable clothes. I love new baby clothes. I buy a lot of used clothes to save money and it's so fun to have the occasional brand new outfit, and tonight I got a bunch!
Love the winter suit. This baby is going to be so snug and warm.

I tried to find a clear pregnant shot of me where I'm looking toward the camera but I was always looking in other directions. Oh well. I also tried to find pictures where my face didn't look as wide. :] At least I know that will get better too!
I left Adam with Katrina tonight. She was pretty content when I left, even accompanied me to the door and waved good-bye. I occasionally have to give myself a huge pat on the back when I find awesome ways to distract her. Tonight I fished this chess set out of the closet right before I left and sure enough, she loved it.

Adam says she happily played with this until bathtime. Go me! I spend so much of the day with her crying at me because I won't let her do things (bubbles or tv or monopolizing the computer mouse) or crying because I put a stop to her fun (drawing with the crayons on the tv), or crying because I'm sitting at the computer or on the couch being boring. So it's nice to occasionally find something that really holds her interest.

This next picture isn't quite clear because she kept moving. Katrina likes to climb around on Adam anytime he's on the floor. Today she was playing a lot with the little electric massager we have. Adam convinced her to massage his back and she did pretty well! It was rather cute. She also liked it when I massaged her back.

See how clean that floor is? That's because Adam has taken it upon himself when he gets home to clean the hurricane debris of toys, blocks, and books. He also has taken over bath duty. He's great!


Jolena said...

Dang girl, you look SO cute in these pictures! And I love that picture of Katrina playing Chess. We have a picture of Anna floating around doing the same thing. Seems that runs in the family. :)

Anonymous said...

Tori, You have a cute blog, and cute Katrina, and you are cute pregnant. And as Dawn would say about her sweet husband, you can say about Adam, "He's a keeper". Take care. Love, Nannette Jones