Monday, November 30, 2009

I really don't want to be sick right now

This cold started a week ago and is still not gone. It feels like it's getting worse, not better. Katrina had a fever on Wednesday night but after taking Tylenol and sleeping with a humidifier she was fine on Thanksgiving. Then yesterday she started coughing again and so I've been turning on the humidifier. And now I'm coughing too! During the day it's not too bad but my congestion gets worse as the evening progresses, nighttimes are pretty miserable, and I hate having to wake up because then I spend the next hour or so having all the grossness drain from me. Bleh. Adam has a cold still, Katrina has been coughing all day, I'm still sick. Who is going to hold the baby when he gets here?

Had an appointment today, no change in dilation since three weeks ago, just a little more effaced. Carrying in groceries gave me a few more Braxton Hicks than normal, whoo-hoo. We went grocery shopping tonight and with a fairly clean apartment and a full fridge I think I'm ready. Full moon is Wednesday and I hear that those are supposed to be busy days on Labor & Delivery wards, so we'll see. :]

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just checking in

I was hoping to miss church today but nothing much has changed. I feel great. Other than being incredibly antsy and getting sore/tired super easily, I can't really believe I'm actually nine months pregnant. Katrina was born a week early, so I keep expecting to go into labor early, but I know that it doesn't always happen that way.

We went on a nice family walk tonight. I insisted on pushing the stroller both for the support and to make my body work harder. I know everyone says the baby won't come until it's ready but I can't help but want to help things along with some walking and other things. Some women on my December birth board have taken castor oil to try to start labor. Bleh. That's not for me. Walking and maybe a good foot massage with the pressure points that are supposed to start labor are about as much as I'm willing to try!

We decided to put the bassinet together tonight. Katrina helped by trying to climb into the bottom basket repeatedly. After we put it all together (purple spots and all from the gentian violet spill from before), we tried to explain to her that that's where the new baby will sleep. We borrowed a baby doll from Katrina's cousins and she loves carrying it around. We put the baby doll in the bassinet and covered him up with a burp cloth. She insisted on bringing the baby to her bedroom. Adam raised the crib up and she decided that her baby needed to sleep in the crib. It was really cute. She definitely loves the baby doll, and she certainly loves babies in general, it just remains to be seen how she reacts to one that doesn't go away!

Friday, November 27, 2009


No baby yet! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving down in Jersey and ended up staying the night. I went to see New Moon today with Adam's mom and sister while the dads watched the babies. We hung around there as long as possible today but didn't want to spend another night, so we headed home. It's nice to be back in our own apartment, but we really enjoyed spending time with the family. We'll be back there tomorrow for more birthday celebrations!

I guess that's all. I just thought I'd check in so no one thinks that too long of a silence means that the baby has arrived.

Here's something cute--Katrina watched parts of Toy Story and really enjoyed it. When she found her cousins's Woody toy that has a string you can pull on the back, she loved pulling it and making him talk. Ever since then she has walked around saying, "Yee-aah."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some early Christmas cheer

One tree for each Christmas we've had together. We still need one for this year.
We bought a new stocking for Baby Y. Now the blue ones are ours, the red is Katrina's, and the green is the baby's.

My little nativity scene. Someday I'll have a larger one.

Adam loves nutcrackers. I bet this is a growing collection too!

Amazingly, Katrina hasn't pulled the garland off yet. When she does I'll probably drape it around the window.

Our pretty little tree. I like it a lot, even though it has no ornaments or anything. I got these garlands last year and they are the perfect length.
Christmas is exactly a month away! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful time with friends and family! Tonight Adam is making coconut creme pie and I'm making potato salad.

Katrina Quirks

So I have been trying to remember little quirks and things that Katrina does because she really does make me laugh a lot these days.

--She must have learned this from nursery, but she loves to spin around with her hands in the air clasped in little fists. This is my signal to sing "Ring around the Rosie." She sometimes falls down, sometimes doesn't, but always wants me to sing it more than once, and sometimes ten or twenty times in a row.

--I think I've told her a time or two that trains say "choo-choo," but then the other day Thomas the Tank Engine came on tv and she started saying, "Doo-doo! Doo-doo!" Every time she sees a train she likes to say that, but then she also started saying it while playing with a couple of her car toys. We tell her "vroom!" but she insists it's "doo-doo!"

--Anytime I go into either bathroom she follows me and climbs into the bathtub. In her bathroom she plays with the letters and numbers, in our tub she plays with the shampoo or points out that the top of the body wash is a "wowal," or oval. Every bathroom stop for me is a community field trip, and I put up with that because I'd rather avoid a yelling toddler and sacrifice some privacy. Sometimes in the evening when Adam is home I insist on private bathroom trips and she will lay down and talk to me under the door. She does this at night from her room too, and the other night I was bad and played finger and toe games with her from the other side of the door. What can I say, it was fun!

-We bought the Gospel Art book that has lots of pictures from the scriptures, and Katrina loves to flip through it and point at Jesus. Yesterday and today she keeps bringing it to me turned to the back where there are pictures of all of the modern-day prophets. I have to sing the primary song "Latter-day Prophets" and point out all of them while singing. Then she tells me to do it again and we repeat until something else thankfully gets her attention and I can rest my voice.

-She called a man at church "Jesus" on Sunday and even though I said, no that's not him, she kept insisting he was. This guy has a rather full beard and longish hair.

-Every night when we check on her we leave her door only partly closed. In the morning she gets up, lays down by the door so she can open it by pulling on the bottom, and then runs into our room with her blanket. Usually she runs to me first to get a hug, and then starts opening drawers and playing with things or following Adam as he gets ready. She also likes to cuddle in Adam's lap so he sits down on the floor and she backs into his lap.

-She gives open-mouthed cheek kisses, but lately has been bad about kissing us when we request. She grins and then kisses the person standing next to whoever is holding her. After watching Adam kiss me on the lips goodbye, she has started trying to kiss me on the lips, but thankfully closed-mouthed! However, she tries to kiss Adam open-mouthed on the lips, which grosses him out.

-Katrina gets fixated on us wearing certain things. We were playing with Adam's hats the other day and for the next few days she insisted I wear his Scout hat almost nonstop. Yesterday she pulled the belt off of his pants and then brought it to me and insisted I wear it. I could only get it on up above my belly on the widest hole, but she didn't let me take it off. Today she tried that again but I didn't want to put up with the discomfort. A few days ago I wore some different pajamas that were soft and light blue as opposed to my normal black yoga pants and black shirt (I wear pajamas pretty much 20 hours out of the day, only changing before Adam comes home in the evenings so we can go out if necessary). She loved those pajamas and the next morning when I changed back into my other clothes, she kept pulling out the blue ones and bringing them too me while babbling insistantly.

-I pretended to suck on my finger through her blanket like she always does. This made her giggle and pull it away from me. Then she stuck her blanket-covered thumb in my face so I could suck on her finger.

-If she finds something long and easy to drape, it gets draped around her shoulders. It totally is a strangulation hazard but it's pretty cute, so I just try to keep strings and stuff away for the most part but on occasion I let her do it and just keep a close eye. Today I took out my phone charger and she took possession of it in order to drape it around her shoulders. She spent most of the morning with it hanging from around her neck.

-I think I may have mentioned this before but she loves to tickle us. She says "liddle liddle" and tickles my belly. She especially loves to pull up my shirt and tickle my flattened belly button.

I am bouncing on my birth ball thinking encouraging thoughts to the baby. He is putting a lot of pressure on my lower abdomen currently and I'm getting way too excited about that fact. I had an appointment yesterday and I was just as dilated as two weeks ago. Much of my pelvic pain has actually subsided and it really feels like not much is going on. I finished some Christmas gifts last night and now feel ready to have this baby, but it really would be much nicer to wait until after Thanksgiving. I don't even have a hospital bag packed. I think I'll do that during naptime, which seems to have started successfully, whoo-hoo!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Table Runners

So I mentioned before about how I fell in love with some fabric I saw on the internet and then tracked it down so I could use it myself. I was going to make potholders like the original that I saw, but the pattern was just a little bigger than I wanted for potholders and so I decided to make a tablerunner instead. I ended up making three--one for my visiting teacher, one for me, and one for a present. I am not entirely satisfied with them, but oh well. I really wish I had stuck with solid colors for all of them instead of mixing green and red, but Adam keeps reassuring me they look fine, so I'm going to trust him. I mostly just "stitched in the ditch" (quilting in just the seams), though on one of them I quilted the stars.

And here are some close-ups of the pattern.

Now I just need to clean my dirty table off enough that I can put one of these on it!

Still the Substitute

Yesterday they called a new primary pianist! She was the primary pianist before me and is quite familiar with the calling, so that is good, since she only has a few weeks until the program. However, she's also the ward organist, so it seems like she's pretty loaded down now. You'd think this would mean that I'm free to relax and enjoy Sunday School and Relief Society for the first time in a year and a half, but no such luck! The new pianist was subbing as a teacher yesterday and so I ended up playing during the third hour. And next week she's on vacation so I'm subbing for her! It's like this endless cycle of subbing...if I had still been pianist she would have been my sub. And she subbed for me last week for closing exercises. And now the word sub looks like it's spelled wrong.

Adam and I are decorating for Christmas tonight. We normally wait until the day after Thanksgiving, or sometimes even Thanksgiving itself, but we wanted to make sure it's done this year in case I go early like I did with Katrina. I cleared off some shelves today in preparation. We already bought a small 3-ft tree to use instead of our 6-ft tree and we have it up where Katrina can't reach. I'm excited to be festive! We have a growing collection of decorative Christmas trees (my goal is to add one each year, until I get old and tired of clutter and then I can get rid of one each year!), nutcrackers, and Santas. I would also like to collect different kinds of nativities.

I have an hour of nap left and two table runners to hopefully finish. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

This week in pictures

One of Katrina's favorite places to be is on the computer chair. She also loves to steal the computer from us.

She also loves to watch tv, to suck on her blanket, and to stand in Daddy's shoes, and to occasionally do all three at the same time.

When we were eating dinner at a friend's house on Sunday, they had a mini Swiffer that she loved. I thought she might like helping me with our real Swiffer.
She preferred the open space of the bedroom because she didn't keep getting stuck on the tub or toilet.
She also demanded to eat at the table earlier this week and continues to eat about one meal or snack each day at the table instead of her high chair. If this continues we are contemplating buying this.
Today she learned a new trick.
I love it when she hangs off a piece of furniture and starts yelling, "Ugh! Ugh!" That means she wants help, but I of course laugh a little and just encourage her to keep going. What's not cool is that she also likes to stand up on the toy chest (and on the computer chair and on the dining room chair) so I have to watch her like a hawk and keep reminding her and counting to 3 to get her to sit down.
Okay, so now for my brief crazy moment that occurred last night at 10:30 pm. Adam was at a campout, I didn't want to watch tv, I didn't really want to sew, and I had just finished my book. My solution? Cut my own hair. I read instructions on a couple of websites and just went at it. I even put in layers. I used the bangs from my previous haircut as the shortest layers and it all worked out. I ended up a bit shorter than I am totally happy with, but that's because I just prefer my hair to be super long, since the extra weight helps to keep it from going straight out like a mushroom. Well, now I've got a mushroom. It happens with professional haircuts too. The only solution is to actually style my hair everyday and that just ain't happening!
So here it is this afternoon, right after I dried it and then tried to push it down with my hands as best as possible.
Then I did a quick and dirty straightening job.
It works. I don't love it, but I don't think I did a horrible job or anything. Adam will be surprised when he gets home from his campout! My last haircut was about a year ago and the one before that was two days before Katrina was born. Maybe this one will be two days before Baby Y is born!
Aaaand a close-up.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Scouting Widow

Tonight's the one night a month that Adam is gone camping. I must admit, I'm glad that he's the assistant scoutmaster now because maybe then he'll have to go to fewer campouts. Not that one night a month is that bad, but in June he was gone three Fridays in a row and then for a whole week for scout camp. I'm not sure what I'm going to do tonight. There's not much evening left, since I spent most of it reading a good book. I might work more on my tablerunners.

Today I am most proud of myself for walking a mile. It's been wet here the past few days so I didn't want to go to the park, plus it's hard to tear Katrina away from it. So I had Adam leave me the stroller and we went on a walk on the trail nearby. It's paved and the first part is fenced on both sides so I can even let Katrina out of the stroller. I really think she functions better the days that she gets a chance to run wild and free sometime during the day. Since winter is rapidly approaching I'm trying to get us out of the house every day if I have the energy. Sure enough, she loved running along the trail and picked up two pet rocks that accompanied us home. There are always lots of people with dogs on the trail and she loves that too. It took us a whole hour because I walk so slowly and because of her exploring. I kept wondering what would happen if my water broke. No such luck! I have a feeling this baby is hanging in there for a little while yet. I'm 38 weeks tomorrow.

Katrina kept her clothes on all day and allowed me to change her diaper without fighting, which was such a relief. In fact, she was in a great mood all day. She didn't even ask me to watch tv until after dinner. She didn't really want to go to bed, but she fell asleep quickly. Unfortunately, it was on the floor. She's regressed a little the past couple of days. We think it's because she likes to be near the light that comes under the door. Sometimes we will be walking down the hallway and her little voice will suddenly surprise us with a, "Mnah-mnah!" And then her fingers will stick out from under the door. It's always a little shocking because it sounds like she's right next to or behind us. Last night we left a book in her room and when Adam went in to move her, she had it in her hand and apparently was trying to read it with the light from under the door! It's all right, especially since she's napping really well in her bed lately. She falls asleep within 20 minutes and almost always in her bed and not the floor. I'm so glad we started the process when we did so that she is now trained before her little brother comes. I don't think she thinks of the crib as her bed anymore.

I got Adam's Christmas present in the mail today! It's so nice to have Christmas plans almost done. I think I just need to figure out and buy Katrina's gifts and finish making a few other gifts. Unfortunately it's really hard figuring out what to get her. A chair, a trike (nixed until 2nd birthday), a doll, shoes? I'd love to get her all of it! But we're trying to narrow it down.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Control Issues

Naked struggles and food struggles and diaper changing struggles continue. My mother-in-law suggested that Katrina really just wants to have control over something, and I think she's right. I try to give her choices, like which flavor of oatmeal she gets to eat, but I think she wants a little more control than that. So I really have been trying to follow her lead a little more. Yesterday I was changing her clothes and she didn't want to change out of her pajama top. Fine. Today it was 10:00 and she started tugging at her pajama top. Ok. Off it came. I only took it off partway and made her figure out the rest. Might as well teach her to undress herself, right? Then came the pants. And finally, though I was reluctant, off came the diaper. We spent a lot of time going and sitting on the little potty chair (fine, I'll succumb, but I still don't say "Do you need to go potty"), but nothing happened. I really don't think she's ready for potty training at all. But if she's going to be running around nude I'd like to at least make the effort to get her to use that instead of the floor. Surprisingly, with all of the time she has spent naked, she's only had one accident on the floor in her room and everything else has occurred on the towel on her bed during her nap.

She also refuses her highchair sometimes. I don't let her eat in the living room unless it's a snack of just crackers, so I was at my wits end yesterday when she first did this. Then she tried to climb into a table chair and I decided why not, she could eat at the table. Well, she sat there obediently and ate her whole lunch at the table. She had her breakfast there this morning too. It is potentially a problem because when she's done she tries to turn around and stand up, and our chairs are easily tipped backwards. But during the actual meal she stays put. It's really kind of fun to sit at the table next to her and eat.

I'm plugging along. Some days I have more pain walking around than others, and it's usually at its worst in the evenings and at night. Last night I recruited Adam to clean the bathrooms with me because I'd like everything to get deep cleaned before the baby comes. He took one and I took the other. I even scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees! My Braxton Hicks contractions were much closer and stronger for the rest of the night, but it didn't send me into labor or anything! That's good; I want to wait until after Thanksgiving so I don't have to be in the hospital during the holiday.

Well, I'm really trying to get these table runners done quickly. I have been lazy during naptime for the last few days and then at night I'd rather veg in front of the tv. One of them is a thank-you gift for my baby shower hostess, so I want to get it done quickly. Off to go sew!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Muddy Morning

Katrina is dancing around naked right now watching the Wiggles on Sprout. If you knew how much I dislike the Wiggles that can explain a little of how worn out I am right now. We had a very traumatic/hilarious experience today. Traumatic for Katrina, hilarious for me. We went to the park and she played for awhile, and stared at the other kids for awhile. I talked to the two babysitters there who were just a little younger than me and still in college. I noticed that Katrina had wondered off of the playground chasing crows. There is a steep hill that goes down into a baseball field, so I followed her from a distance. The crows flew away and Katrina gave up to come back. She slipped and when she got back up, I noticed she had mud all over her hand. I thought, "Great, how am I going to clean that off?" but I said, "Oh it's all right sweetie, it's just a little mud. Come on back and we'll clean it off." Katrina started back but then she slipped right into a puddle of mud and water! I had noticed it, but thought she would walk in a different direction. She immediately started crying as she sat in a pile of mud and water that came up to her waist. I made my way down the hill and realized that the whole area was a mud puddle. I slipped and slid over to her and in the process of picking her up slipped down onto my knees. Then I completely lost both shoes while trying to walk away! Of course, then I slipped more and practically dropped Katrina so I could grab my shoes, which were already sinking down into the mud and water. She was screaming. Finally we got up and back up the hill to the playground. Poor Katrina. She hates being dirty and I can't imagine that being stuck in a mud puddle would be fun. She cried the whole way home. I was trying to figure out how to get us in the apartment and clean enough to not track mud everywhere. I ended up leaving my shoes and socks on the balcony, rolling up my pants, and carrying her to our bathroom, where she got stuck in the tub while I removed my muddy clothing and then got hers. Mine is still piled in the sink. Here is hers:
Her gray pants are almost all black. Once she's in bed I'll have to try to clean everything off. Naptime will be soon. She's naked (refused a diaper again) and will probably refuse to eat, so after the Wiggles I'm putting her down for a nap on a towel again. I'm hoping to get some sewing in too. My table runner is looking nice.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just too froggy and weird

Adam and I will admit that we perhaps love frogs too much. Turtles as well. The first thing we bought for Katrina when I was pregnant with her was a stuffed frog and things have just progressed from there. Today I was having fun looking at nativity scenes on Etsy and discovered this:
Now, that's just too much for me! I will admit that I bought a fabric panel of the 12 Froggy Days of Christmas and I have no idea what to do with it. But that's different. It's not a nativity scene!

I am off to sew us a Christmas table runner. I saw some fabric the other day on some potholders on Etsy and fell in love, then searched all over until I found that same fabric, which is actually discontinued. It's a nativity fabric and I'm hoping it turns out as well in practice as in my head.

Oh, and Katrina is currently taking a nap without a shirt on. She would be naked if I would have let her. Yes, our current struggle continues. Last night we had to end up putting her pajamas on her several hours after she went to bed because in her sleepy state she was too tired to protest. I dread every single diaper change. She'll come willingly and even lie down on the floor for me to change her, but then as soon as I start she screams and tries to squirm away naked. Weird child.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Update and promised pictures

Adding in a little sippy water for easy mixing (and this is one of the sippy cups that she has broken, so the water really was getting mixed with the scrabble tiles.)

Last night Katrina wanted to take her car and wooden spoon with her to the highchair, which I allowed because she was good enough to drop her blanket and not demand that it join her too. I didn't think about what she would do with the wooden spoon. She decided it was much more fun to use than her little plastic spoon.

Katrina woke up from a nap (thankfully a nice three-hour nap) and still refused a diaper. Thankfully the towel picked up any pee. After that I was so paranoid about her having an accident that I kept compulsively asking her, "Do you need to go to the bathroom? Remember, don't pee or poo unless you tell me first." Then she would shake her fist in the "toilet" sign and I had her run after me to the bathroom three different times and set her on the toilet. She sat there obediently for about five seconds and then wanted off and wanted to wash her hands.
Adam took care of the ugly task of getting the diaper on when he got home. After dinner we headed over to Target to look for a matching stocking for the new baby. After Katrina ended up throwing herself down on the floor in the middle of the aisle screaming, we quickly left. Babies R Us was next, where we picked up a potty seat. (Did I mention I hate the word "potty?") Then on our way home we spotted a new Target not even five minutes away from the other one. What's with that? Thankfully they had a stocking we wanted and we headed home, where Katrina was very excited to try out her new potty seat. Her favorite part was the soft round removable part of the seat, which made a perfect hat. In fact, she loved it so much that she insisted on taking it to bed and probably would have slept with it until she threw it at my face during bedtime routine and it was confiscated. So, phew. We got through this day, and tomorrow if she pulls the same stunt at least I'll have Adam as a backup and a toddler-sized toilet that she can park her bum on. It should be exciting!

Refusing a diaper--weird

Today's post was going to have some cute pictures of Katrina mixing up some scrabble tiles in a mixing bowl while adding some water from her sippy cup. And another cute picture of her trying to eat her dinner with a long wooden spoon instead of her normal plastic spoon. But I am too exhausted. We've had a trying morning.

Well, actually, we mostly had a great morning. Katrina was happy from the moment she woke up and we played in the living room, then moved to her bedroom and spent awhile playing with my exercise ball and her toys and just all-around having fun. At lunchtime I started getting her food ready. Then the weirdness happened. Katrina started tugging at her shirt and then her diaper. I was confused. Was she tired of the shirt because she had worn it to bed too? Did she already need a diaper change? Of course I asked her these questions, but got no answer other than, "Ahhhh! Uhhhh!" So I pulled off her shirt and pants. I checked, and her diaper could use changing, so I went to her room and tried to coerce her to follow me. Then the crying started. She stood outside her room crying at me and I put her on the changing pad and she cried and struggled and acted as if the world was ending. I had to pin her to the table to get the diaper back on, and her screams and tugging at the diaper alarmed me so much that I took it off. She got down and ran around like crazy for awhile, apparently happy now that her diaper was off.

Well, the stress of waiting for her to pee or poo got too much for me. I tried to bribe her into letting me put her diaper on in return for the muffin that was part of her lunch. It didn't work. She wanted the muffin but not the diaper. I finally forced her into the diaper and then her high chair to eat, but it was a little violent and traumatic and once she was in her chair she just kept holding her arms out to me pleadingly (while stuffing her face with the muffin). I was sick of it. So I hauled her to her room and put her and her lunch on the bed with the intent of leaving her there to cry things out. But it was so pathetic that I just had to hug her, take the diaper off, and let her go back to eat in the living room. She was fine while eating or if distracted, but she just kept crying. It was obvious it was nap-time. I covered her bed with a towel and put her there, and she fell asleep (still completely buck-naked) within minutes. I also turned the heat up, so I'm sweltering but hopefully she's not cold.

My child baffles me. I asked some online friends for help and they suggested a UTI or yeast infection. The thing is, she doesn't really show symptoms for either of those, like a fever or redness and itching. I'm pretty upset that our really good day is probably ruined now, since I doubt she'll want the diaper when she wakes either. Oh, and she's been only napping for an hour and a half for the last couple of days, which is not enough because then she yawns the rest of the afternoon. I probably only have a few more minutes before it all starts up again.

On a positive note, yesterday evening we had our birthing class on advanced comfort measures and it was very helpful. I did horribly with the pain last time I was in labor, and I had a day and a half of sporadic contractions and over 12 hours of horrible, regular contractions before I went to the hospital and got epidural relief. This time I want to be more prepared! Last time I just had no time or energy to prepare more than I did because of full-time school and a job too. This time I have much more time and energy to put towards labor prep.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just another day...

Katrina is an angry little girl today. I know exactly why. She wants more attention from me. I have gotten into the bad habit of mostly letting her play by herself and entertain herself because that seems to be what she prefers, but I think that even though she doesn't seem to notice if I'm playing along with her or not, she really does like it. So I'm am trying to do better, but it's hard when hauling my body around is so physically taxing.

We still managed to have some good moments today among all of the tantrums and power struggles. We pulled out some tissue paper and played with that for awhile. I tried to show her how to blow it off of her hand, but that was just a little too difficult for her. Instead, she threw the pieces up in the air at the same time as blowing into the air, which was pretty cute.
Yesterday we drove Adam to work and on the way home stopped at a new park. Turns out it was intended for kids 5-12 but we still spent about 45 minutes there on the swings and playing with sticks. Katrina likes sticks. She likes to hit things with them. But yesterday she discovered digging with them. That was new and exciting and she spent a long time running around digging in the dirt or dragging them through the sand and yelling "Wheee!" I didn't have the heart to take them away and so they came home with us, though they mysteriously disappeared while she was watching tv.

Speaking of tv, I hate commercials. I mute the tv anytime a commercial break comes on. Katrina, of course, stays glued to the tv and doesn't seem to notice that the sound is gone. But then this week she has started climbing off the couch and running over to me if I haven't unmuted the tv when the show comes back on. She picks up the remote next to me and hands it to me with a "De do!" I think it's interesting that she recognizes the difference between the commercials and the actual program. Ugh, tv is another sore point with me this week. Since absolutely nothing seems to hold her interest, she's been demanding a lot of tv, and I'm giving in more than I normally do. Our one hour max of tv (half an hour before breakfast and another half an hour right before Daddy comes home) has been extending a lot more often than I like. I wish I didn't stress so much about it but then I'll read another study about how tv makes kids more aggressive or ups the chances of ADHD or whatever, and I renew my desire to limit it.
We have given up on crayons because they keep breaking and though she loves to play with the pieces and hide them away in different places, we don't love having to look for them. Also, I keep finding crayon marks in random places, like on my laptop, on the glass of several pictures, on the tv, on the walls, on her sheets... Markers have also been on the do-not-allow list ever since she figured out how to open them. Today, though, I put her in her high chair, taped down some paper, and let her go. That was fun for the ten minutes it lasted before her whining and crying at me made me snap and the markers were taken away. Why was she whining at me? No idea. "De do! De do!" She gives me the markers. I open them. She cries. I close them. She cries. She starts to sweep her hands all over the place, trying to knock the markers onto the floor. I take them away. She cries. I put her in her room to scream while I clean off the tray and put the markers away. Sigh. Can you sense my frustration? That is how all of our games today have been. Bubbles? Lasted about three minutes because she started crying when I touched the wand while she was holding it, and then she threw it on the floor in a fit of rage and I confiscated it in a fit of Mommy-rage. Playing on the keyboard? That is impossible now because she would rather unplug the speaker cord than play the keys, and even though I taped it off so she couldn't access it, Adam untaped it to put the headphones in and now we're back to the same old struggle.

Her scribbles were much clearer with markers than crayons. I've noticed that she gets frustrated with crayons because either they aren't very soft and you have to press really hard to make a mark, or she happens to pick colors like yellow that don't show up well on white paper.

She cried because she wanted her blankie up there. I decided to allow it since hopefully these markers are washable.

Sure enough, the blankie is now covered in orange, brown, and red marks. Later on today I'll find out how well the marker comes out when I do a load of her clothes.
Cute things she's done lately: Katrina is not supposed to play in the kitchen trash can or open the lid. She knows this and has to be reminded constantly. Occasionally she'll pick something up off the floor and before she puts it in her mouth I'll say, "Oh that's trash, can you bring it to me?" Then I throw it away in the nearest trash can. Yesterday she picked up a used wrapper for something. I told her, "that's trash." A minute later I realized she had just run into the kitchen, and then I heard the lid on the trash can. Then she ran out. I peeked in the can later on and sure enough, it was in there! So, good girl. Way to be tidy. I've mentioned this before, but she has a lot of tidy habits. She usually places things back where she found them after she's done using them, like her sippy cup. She always closes drawers after opening them. She wipes her hands anytime she falls and gets sand on them, and yesterday was concerned at some dirt on my sleeve and tried to wipe it off for me. She loves to wash her hands in the sink (though yells when I try to get her to wipe them). She has learned from us that kleenexes are for wiping noses and so if she gets her hand on a spare kleenex, she pretends to blow her nose in it, crumples it up, and then hands it to me. However, with all of those cute little habits, she still really likes to do things like rub used plates on her head. Bleh. I hate washing food out of hair!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Finished Color Book

I finally finished the color book that I started last week. It was a lot of fun. It ended up being really thick because I threw in an extra set of colors, but I like it. You can see that I still need to title the book, but I just need to go find my fabric markers to do that.

Some pages aren't really crazy-quilt blocks but I wanted each page to look different and I had to work with the sizes and shapes of fabric scraps I had.

The white and black were tricky but I ended up finding a good variety of textures for each, including a piece of the old diaper bag I was trashing, part of some of my knee-highs, and even some cotton batting.

And there you go! If you want to make one of your own with the same tutorial I used, go here. Or here for a similar one.

Today was another well-visit for Katrina. Once again she is perfectly healthy and on-track for development. The doctor and I both hope her vocab picks up soon, but since her comprehension is excellent, we're not too worried. (Katrina actually stops doing things when I tell her to stop and then count 1-2-3! It is very nice, even if she starts crying afterwards because I'm mean). Her weight and height are right on the 50th percentile and her head is something like the 85th percentile.
I finished another Christmas present during naptime today and wish I could share. I'm running out of sewing projects to do, and trying to refrain from starting new ones (though I really want to make this diaper bag and a quilt for Katrina for which I've already bought some of the fabric). It's just getting too close to the baby coming and I don't want to have unfinished projects lying around forever. My sister has a need for some crocheted snowflakes so I am attempting to follow my first actual crochet pattern. The snowflake I made last night was a sad failure but I figured out a lot of things and the second one is looking much better. This will be good because I need to do something in the evenings, especially if I'm going to be watching tv. I can't just sit and watch tv. I always have to be doing something else too.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Poke in the nose!

Yesterday was a great Saturday--we spent the morning cleaning a couple of closets and freeing up space for both storage and baby things. Then we headed down to New Jersey for Adam's sister's birthday. Katrina was well-behaved and even napped there. Those sorts of Saturdays are a nice mixture of fun and accomplishing things.

We were at the park yesterday and Katrina was fairly shy around the other little kids. She would smile but stay close to my leg. That's pretty normal for her. But then after being at the park for several minutes she headed over to where some other kids were at. To my suprise she walked right up to a toddler younger than her and poked the little girl in the nose! Then she went over to her sister and tried to do the same! I've seen her do that to her little cousin, but never to a stranger. Adam and I laughed so hard. Today when I dropped her off at nursery I warned the sister that Katrina had developed that habit and to watch out in case she started poking kids in the nose and got their eyes instead.

Our speaker in Sacrament meeting ran over ten minutes past the end of the meeting, which normally would have made us miserable trying to entertain Katrina for even that much longer. However, we seemed to have hit the jackpot for entertainment. After we cycled through all of the normal toys, I pulled out a coloring book with those markers that only write on special paper. They are much more expensive than normal markers and coloring books, but we decided it was worth it if it worked. Well, it did! She was quite happy to scribble and play with the markers for over half of the meeting. She also liked to stand on the bench and whisper "hi" over and over again to the people behind us. I really do have quite a cute child.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby shower and our future chess champion

I just got back from my baby shower! I've been happily cutting off all the tags from the clothes and showing them off to Adam and snacking on the skittles that I found in the middle of the diaper cake. :] So here are a few pictures from the evening.
My visiting teacher threw me the shower. She spent all day cooking (and she cooks really well). I was amazed to have a full dinner instead of just hors d'ouevres.
Blankets with little turtles from my mom! I've been eyeing our supply of pink and purple blankets and trying to figure out how many of them aren't too girly to use for this little boy, so these are awesome.
My chubby little nephew. He liked the vaulted ceiling which allowed his little noises to echo. He's four months old and it's fun to see him looking around and starting to interact more with life.
The awesome diaper cake that my sister-in-law made. Isn't it amazing? I've seen diaper cakes before but I've never seen socks and washcloths turned into flowers! Plus, like I mentioned, there were bottles in the middle full of candy, which makes me extra happy! :]
Lots of adorable clothes. I love new baby clothes. I buy a lot of used clothes to save money and it's so fun to have the occasional brand new outfit, and tonight I got a bunch!
Love the winter suit. This baby is going to be so snug and warm.

I tried to find a clear pregnant shot of me where I'm looking toward the camera but I was always looking in other directions. Oh well. I also tried to find pictures where my face didn't look as wide. :] At least I know that will get better too!
I left Adam with Katrina tonight. She was pretty content when I left, even accompanied me to the door and waved good-bye. I occasionally have to give myself a huge pat on the back when I find awesome ways to distract her. Tonight I fished this chess set out of the closet right before I left and sure enough, she loved it.

Adam says she happily played with this until bathtime. Go me! I spend so much of the day with her crying at me because I won't let her do things (bubbles or tv or monopolizing the computer mouse) or crying because I put a stop to her fun (drawing with the crayons on the tv), or crying because I'm sitting at the computer or on the couch being boring. So it's nice to occasionally find something that really holds her interest.

This next picture isn't quite clear because she kept moving. Katrina likes to climb around on Adam anytime he's on the floor. Today she was playing a lot with the little electric massager we have. Adam convinced her to massage his back and she did pretty well! It was rather cute. She also liked it when I massaged her back.

See how clean that floor is? That's because Adam has taken it upon himself when he gets home to clean the hurricane debris of toys, blocks, and books. He also has taken over bath duty. He's great!