Friday, October 30, 2009

Yes, I'm probably nesting

I know I've been going on a craft craze lately. Thank you for bearing with me. I just have this need to constantly be working on several projects. Some are Chrismas gifts, some are just random things I want to do. I try to spend as little money as possible and use as much as I can from my current sewing and craft supplies. Often, I enjoy the planning more than the actual making and the result, so knowing that about myself, I really try to make sure that it really is worth it before I embark on a project.

So here was yesterday's project. There is a sister in the ward whose baby shower I missed. I don't really know her at all but Adam is their new hometeacher, so I feel a desire to do something for her. I got the idea for these online and thought that if they turned out cute, I could give them to her. Supplies were $2 for some bells and some more felt. Here they are. I like them (mostly).

Two of them have bells inside to make them rattles. Two are stuffed with plastic bags in an attempt to make them crinkly.
The red one has two sides. Newborns are supposed to like red and black and white, which is why I made that one. Katrina has some books with shiny paper that occasionally she rips off, so I salvaged some of that. I think these rattles are cute definitely, but I'm not sure how useable they are. I didn't quite make the handles long enough. Also, I planned on making them so they could be chained together, but I forgot and only made one handle thing for each one.
Anyway, the trouble these days is Katrina and her sleeping. She woke up yesterday and today at 6:45 (an hour and a half earlier than normal), and ran into our room. Yesterday we put her back, today we let her just lay on the bed with us and she cuddled with us. She fell asleep in the car on the way back from the doctor's for five minutes and then refused to nap the rest of the afternoon. Then she fell asleep on the way back from picking Adam up at work, and was so incredibly sleepy that we put her to sleep for about forty minutes. We just got her up (at 5:30!) and she is so tired and cranky. I'm hoping she doesn't continue this schedule after Daylight Savings Time ends, because then she'll be waking up at six! Bleh. I know tons of other parents have to deal with early risers, but Katrina typically sleeps until 8 or after, so this stinks for us.

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