Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ward Boundary Change

Today was an interesting Sacrament meeting. We had four wards and one branch meeting together. We kind of thought that the branch was going to get dissolved because it's been having a hard time sustaining itself. We also suspected our bishop would be released because he's been in there five years. The stake president then released two of the bishops (including ours) and the branch president, and said that another ward had had its bishop released already two weeks ago. So only one ward retained its bishop. And then he announced that the branch would be increased in size and the other four wards would be turned into three wards. We were a little surprised at that. Not only is that going to be a big change, but they released everyone. So we technically don't have callings right now, but I'm planning on playing next week anyway. And then on top of all that, the branch will be meeting in our same building and overlapping Sunday School and Priesthood/RS because they don't have enough youth so their youth will be joining with ours. That means that Primary will be huge! I'm not even sure if I'll be pianist if there are potentially two other pianists (depending on where they live and which ward they ended up in) as well. Our Primary Program has been delayed until after the first of the year, which is nice for those planning but stinks for me because I'll have two babies to deal with.

So there are lots of changes! We'll hopefully get calls this week letting us know what we'll be expected to do next week. Adam is hoping to stay in as Deacon Advisor and Scoutmaster. I like my calling a lot and it's very comfortable for me, so I would be quite happy staying there, it's just a little difficult to juggle with having a baby soon. I feel for our new bishopric! I bet they'll be meeting practically every night this week to discuss things and figuring everything out. Not only do they have to figure out callings for our expanded ward, but they have to work with the other branch because we'll be combined for certain things. Crazy. I'm actually very excited. I like ward changes. When I was ten our ward split and after that it split again every two years with regularity. Sometimes it was harder than others but it was never a tragedy. There was a young woman today after church crying on everyone's shoulders because she had been stuck in a different ward. Also, we had a Primary meeting and the Stake Primary President and one of the high councillors were reassuring us that life would go on, things would be normal, the church is still true (okay, no one had to tell us that!), and that we shouldn't feel lost without our calling. I just kind of nodded and thought,"What? This is fun! This is new and exciting!" I can see how people don't feel that way, but I'm not torn up about the change.

Yesterday was a fun, relaxing Saturday. Today feels weird because we got home at the same time as normal but started church two hours later, so it feels like we didn't go to enough church! Katrina was pretty challenging during the meeting so it's a relief to be home. We were squished between two other families and that made taking her out really hard, so we just desperately stuffed food in her mouth and tried all sorts of tactics to entertain her. She figured out that she can crawl under the benches, so we had to grab her and drag her back several times. Coincidentally, we ended up sitting right next to the family that was behind us at Stake Conference and Katrina remembered them, so she spent a bit of time sitting on that sister's lap and playing with her jewelry. Note to self--find some of my old jewelry and add it to the Sunday bag.


Evenspor said...

I think it's exciting when stuff like that happens too, but I know for some people it can be hard. The one that comes to mind is when our bishop in Omaha was released. He had been the bishop for eight years. There were many crying youth that day.

Elise said...

Wow, it really sounds like there are some major changes in your stake. It will be interesting to see if you keep your callings! I bet the Primary would be too sad to lose you.

Your jewelry idea for church is genius. I think I'm going to have to pay a visit to the Salvation Army and get some funky stuff!