Friday, October 9, 2009

Sniffle sniffle

I've had a mild cold this week. It hasn't been too bad, but I'm ready for it to be over. Today I think is the tail-end. On Wednesday though, Adam started getting it and it hit him a lot quicker and a lot harder. Wednesday night we laid there for at least two hours, both unable to breathe or fall asleep. We kept switching around pillows and adjusting positions. At least there was someone else to talk to! Yesterday morning was super tough though. Adam ended up staying home from work. Halfway through the day, my body just shut down. I laid down and spent the next couple of hours drifting in and out of sleep while Adam fed the baby, put her down for a nap, and then cleaned up all the toys and tidied everything up. I felt a little bad that he was the sicker one and still ended up taking care of everything! But that nap was definitely needed.

We discovered a fun new game with Katrina. We have a game called Rummi-O, which I've seen called Rummikub and other things. It's just gin rummy with tiles. The sheer amount of tiles is heaven for a little toddler! She loves taking things and piling them in different locations and then moving them all around, so it worked really well. We first pulled it out last night and then tried it again today. It was a good way to end bubble time without complaint. She even helped me put the tiles away. Maybe eventually we'll use the tiles to teach numbers.

I have to go figure out a way to transition out of tv time without a tantrum. Maybe playdough. She likes to eat it, so I have to watch closely, but it's fun for a few minutes. Currently she's going crazy on the couch because Fireman Sam (the tv show) has a dalmation on it and she loves dogs. She keeps standing up and dancing around and I have to remind her to sit down. It's pretty cute.

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