Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patches and Turtles

Today we headed to New Jersey. Even though it was cloudy and a little rainy we wanted to see the family and go to the pumpkin patch. I brought my camera but forgot to take it out of the car! Katrina really liked running around and touching all the pumpkins. It was raining when we got there but it stopped quickly and was beautiful until we decided to leave and the rain began again.

While we were there we picked up a Halloween costume for Katrina. Do you like it?

We thought it sure was cute! I'm sure I'll take even more pictures next week when she wears it again.
Here's another picture of her. She was pretty cute today. I wish I had some of the pictures from her interacting with Jared, my four-month-old nephew. She tentatively touched his hands and feet when we pressured her. But finally she got to do what she really wanted--touch his nose! She poked his nose a few times and it was funny. We also decided to throw her and her cousin Jordan in the bath together and see if they had fun playing together. Katrina was already getting tired and seemed a little overwhelmed sharing a tub, so when he helped me wash the water out of her hair with a cup of water in her face, she decided that was enough. Oh well. I think Jordan had fun!
Tomorrow we will have our first day with the new ward. Adam has a calling. He got a call on Wednesday and went in to talk to our new bishop. Then we got a call on Friday that things had changed because of the necessity of working with the other branch, and so he got un-called. Then later that day he was re-called to a slightly different calling. I think he'll be sustained and set apart tomorrow, and then I'll share. I haven't received a phone call, so I think I'll just show up to Primary tomorrow and see if they need me to play. Katrina will be going to a whole new nursery with different kids and possibly different leaders, so I hope she likes it as much as last time.


Tasha's Life said...

Such cute pictures! So fun!

Momza said...

Tori, she is getting so big! Love the costume!

Cindy said...

What a cute turtle. Katrina's hair is looking so much lighter.