Saturday, October 31, 2009

Outlook hazy. Ask again later.

Happy Halloween! We had a nice, warm, muggy Halloween here. We also had detergent left outside our door and later on some Dove soap too. Our neighbors had the same gifts in front their doors. Random, but we sure appreciate detergent!

I have been pretty clueless about Halloween costumes, so today I hit up the internet and found some great ideas for pregnant costumes. Do you like what I picked?
I was a Magic 8 Ball! I made a little pouch with two circles of white fabric and if people asked me a yes or no question, I pulled out a little triangle with the answer. Fun, huh?

We used our morning to organize Katrina's clothes. Next weekend will be the storage closet. We went to the ward Halloween party, then skipped out on the trunk or treat because Katrina refused to nap today and by that point she was running around at full speed laughing hysterically. We headed to New Jersey (she napped fitfully on the way) and joined them for a Halloween dinner. It was fun, though there wasn't a single trick or treater all night! Crazy.


Tasha's Life said...


What a great idea!!! I love it!

Elise said...

That is a good idea. And you look so skinny! Well, you know, I know there's a bump there, but the rest of you looks so skinny!

Glad to hear that your Halloween was fun.

SarahGM said...

Awesome idea! Last time I was pregnant for Haloween I took a white tshirt and drew an overn over my stomach and I had a "bun in the oven"