Wednesday, October 21, 2009


If I ever hear "Ooo-weeee!" coming from Katrina's room, I can be pretty sure what she is doing. She got this rocking horse from her Nana for her birthday and has always liked it, but now that she can climb on and off without any problems, she loves it. It used to have a necklace of greenery and blue flowers but she pulled off the flowers one by one and littered the floor with them. Oh, and it's really a unicorn and not a horse, but I haven't gotten around to reattaching the horn.

We're having a good week. Yesterday I decided to stay off the computer as long as possible. That's easier for me if I have a book to read or something to do. But I had nothing. So first I tidied up a bit, and that felt good. Then I played with Katrina. Man, she is exhausting when I actually try to sit on the floor with her! The main reason is that she insists on sitting on my lap and I have very little lap left, so she constantly is adjusting and trying to shove my belly out of the way with her rear end! I had to retreat to the couch finally and just watch or let her bring the books to me. I think my no-computer thing would have been easier if we hadn't stayed up past midnight to watch the Phillies game. We only watch sports occasionally, but if the Phillies have made it to the post-season then we definitely watch. At least it was a good game! They pulled ahead at the very bottom of the ninth inning and it was quite exciting. But anyway, I was so sleepy that I couldn't bear to do any more cleaning and just ended up taking a cat nap while Katrina played with the DVDs. I decided I'll wait until another more well-rested day to try to wean myself off the computer. Last night we stayed up too late again, so today is not that day! :]

Today I am participating in a challenge on the LDS board that I frequent on Babycenter. They always have lots of cleaning threads and I ignore them because the women on there are just too efficient and amazing. But this one is fun. You take a before and after picture of your assigned room and then post them. So I have incentive to clean the kitchen today because that is the challenge, and I already posted my before pictures!

Katrina keeps doing cute things that I want to share, but then I forget when I come to post. Let me try to remember them. She likes to fake sneeze. After she sneezes for real she follows it with a few fake sneezes. She is getting very neat about eating. If I give her oatmeal in a bowl with a spoon she makes a valiant effort to eat most of it with the spoon, though her other hand helps out a lot. One thing that we just recently discovered that particularly impressed Adam was that she has a very good memory for where she left her books, and she knows them by name. We experimented with asking her to bring us different books and she without fail ran back to where she last dropped it and brought it to us. She obviously understands us very well and that makes it easier to accept that she is going to call everything that she loves "Deddy" or "Daddy." For instance, after I took her out of her crib the other day, she ran back for Deddy. I handed her the blanket. Then she ran back for Deddy again. I handed her the crocheted blanket. Then she ran back one more time calling for Deddy and I handed her the stuffed cow (I'm very good at discerning which Deddy she means). Oh, that reminds me of one more funny thing. Yesterday she ran into the hallway yelling, "Deddy! Deddy!" I looked over to see her dragging her laundry basket into the hallway. Unfortunately, she saw her blankie in there. She has two and we rotate and wash them about twice a week. I was able to console her by giving her the other blanket, but later on she kept trying to crawl in and get it, so I ended up just throwing it in the washer. Today she keeps going to the laundry basket and looking inside suspiciously. Oh, and one last thing. She has enjoyed flipping through my old books as a kid for awhile now, but when she hands them to me to read to her, she doesn't have the patience for the whole book. But in the last couple of days she has given me Peter Pan and The Jungle Book and sat through the entire book, not just the ultra-abridged version I usually have to give. I'm pretty impressed by that. Those are the only two that she will sit through currently, but it's still cool.

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