Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nightly struggles still continue, with us moving Katrina to her bed multiple times because she keeps coming back and falling asleep right next to the door. Last night during the final move before we went to bed, she told us she was thirsty so I gave her a sippy cup. When she first started sleeping in her toddler bed I left a sippy cup in there every night (usually by the door) so she could drink if she was thirsty. Then a few days ago I told Adam I thought I would stop doing that because how will she ever potty train if she's drinking tons at night? I don't know if I can claim causation, but taking away the water and relapsing onto the floor happened around the same time. After her request last night, I think I'm going to start leaving a sippy cup in there again. If that's the magic formula to get her to sleep in her bed rather than on the floor, then I will do it!

My blank board books arrived in the mail and I have been having fun making them into books for Katrina. Two have pictures of Jesus and other church themes for use on Sundays. One has pictures of family members because she really likes to look at photographs and have me identify everyone in the picture. That leaves me with one left and I'm not sure what I'll do with that one.

Naps have been crazy around here and I was happy today that Katrina went down with no problem. She also was surprisingly mild all morning. I've been sick with a mild cold for several days and she had a runny nose before I got sick, so maybe she's been feeling sick too. Who knows. I'm off to go eat something and enjoy hopefully another two hours of peace, though I wouldn't be surprised if it's shorter. It's cool enough these days in the afternoons that maybe we can go on a walk!

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