Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nice day

I had a nice, productive day. It's been so long since that has happened. It's so nice to get to this time of day and not feel like a big lump. I am making a baby sling. I bought the fabric last night. That was definitely hard! I always take forever to pick the right fabric. I found a nice tutorial online that I will link to when I finish the project and show pictures. So today during Katrina's nap, I cut out the fabric for the sling. I also cleaned up my bedroom, which wasn't too bad floor-wise but had some really bad clutter places. I took before and after pictures for my forum friends but I'll just show the after pictures.
We have to turn Adam's valet backwards because Katrina can reach the drawer and pull it out.
Look at how lumpy the bottom of our comforter is! We've really liked this bedding but it's definitely getting worn. All of the stuffing is at the end of the bed.
This is my sewing corner. I cleaned it up, put things in the shelves (which are turned around to prevent Katrina playing with the stuff), and made it so only current projects are on the table. Right now I have sling fabric, Halloween fabric for a yet-to-be-determined decoration or craft, my wall hangings that need loops sewn in on top, and the curtain that I still need to sew for our other bedroom window.
We got our car back today! Finally! We are so excited to have it back. This affair has dragged on for five or six weeks!
We're off to the library and hopefully I'll find some nice books to read. There's one book coming out next week that I'm so eager to read (the next Wheel of Time book), but I decided to save it for after the baby comes. I'm tired of the romances I've been reading. They are all nice and clean, but it's the same basic plot over and over. We'll see if I find anything.

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Elise said...

I can't believe it has taken this long for your car to get back to you. You are troopers!

And I am very excited to see how the baby sling works out. I've been thinking about getting one, but you just may have inspired me to sew one. Good job on cleaning your room, too. I know we have a lot of clutter spots!