Thursday, October 15, 2009

New craft project, I-Spy activity pillows

I must say, today was better. I wasn't really more productive (until this evening) but I was in less pain. I bounced around on my exercise ball a bit the last two days and it seems to have helped. Katrina has been pretty cranky and keeps me on my toes. She's pretty cute though. She can point out most basic shapes correctly on a page. She can even say "oval," though it comes out "wowal." Every other shape except a star she calls, "da," so I think it's funny she can say the word "oval."

Well, sometime today while blog-hopping, I came across a cute idea. I've heard of it before but it didn't appeal to me until I saw it done on this blog. I would provide the link but I don't remember how I got there! Anyway, here are some "I-Spy" things I made for Katrina. They're too small to be called pillows. I'm not sure what to title them.
My goal was to only make them if I could get the supplies for $10 or under. The priciest part was the poly-fil microbeads that the original blogger used. I checked them out and they were almost $20 for a huge bag. I checked out the idea of using clear beads instead, but even on sale those added up. So I gave up that idea in favor of using rice. She warned that rice sometimes leaves a film of powder on the clear window, so I will have to keep a watch out for that.

The clear vinyl for the windows was really cheap. I used felt instead of fleece like suggested because you can get sheets of felt for 4/$1. That left me to buy the things to go inside. I bought some alphabet beads and several packages of buttons. The total ended up being a little over $12. If I had bought one less bag of buttons I would have hit $10. That's all right. I wouldn't have had enough for two if I hadn't bought it. As I was making them I was actually wishing for more beads, so if I make these again I'll have to make sure to buy enough.
This turtle has a Noah's Ark and animals, crayons, flowers, and the letters of Katrina's name.

The fish has a moon and stars and bears button set, flowers, and the entire alphabet.

We'll see tomorrow if Katrina likes them. If so, I think I will add one or both to the Sunday toys. They might be a little beyond her but I'm sometimes surprised by what engages her interest. Speaking of Sunday, we just got a weird email saying church on Sunday is combined with four other wards and is at a later time. Strange, since we just had Stake Conference. We suspect a ward boundary change. Should be fun! We probably won't be very much affected except for some possible leadership changes.

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Tasha's Life said...


This is awesome!!! You are amazing!!!! I so wished you lived closer. I miss you guys so much!

I wish you could join us in my wedding preparations. Next time we talk I'll tell you all the things I've decided on for the reception.