Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Keep on Truckin'

I've hit a wall. I just want to be done being pregnant NOW. Then I remember I still have seven more weeks and I want to cry. Just a month ago I was so happy to enter my third trimester but in the last week the aches and pains and discomfort have reached a point where every evening is pretty torturous, mostly from the intense pelvic pain. Imagine your pelvic bone separating and then grinding around. Then the pain radiates down to your thighs and you can't walk. Fun, right? Today I was reading about it. It's called symphasis pubic dysfunction and it affects 1 in 35 pregnant women. Lucky me, right? I had it last time with Katrina too but it's worse this time around.

Anyway, I'm also tired of being tired. Right now, I can't figure out what to do. I have a good two hours left of Katrina's nap. I'm tired of being on the computer. I have some books to read but they are mindless romances and they don't keep my attention very well. Actually doing something productive sounds so nice, but in a wistful way, not an I'm-actually-going-to-do-something way. A nap? That sounds the best, but then I won't fall asleep easily tonight. Cleaning? I cleaned something yesterday. And Monday I cleaned several things. :]

Anyway, I wanted to relate something cute. A few days ago I decided to try naptimes in the toddler bed with Katrina. It works, but she falls asleep in front of the door, like she does most nights. There's a big gap under the door and I figured out that I can see most of her room if I get down on all fours and look underneath. Today I peeked under and couldn't see her, so I figured she was on her bed. I checked a few minutes later and she was padding around playing with different things. That was really cute and funny to watch. I think she would have fallen asleep on her bed eventually, but then she heard me talking on the phone and ran to the door to bang and call out "Daddy!" (that's me, remember?). Then she fell asleep there. When I checked a few minutes ago I could see her body laying on the floor, so I opened the door. She was asleep the length of the door with her head resting on a packaged of baby onesies she pulled from the dresser. I laughed and then had to shove her away. That woke her up, and she sat up and leaned against the door, trapping me there. But I finally shoved and squeezed my way in and put her on the bed.

With my computer time I've been eBay-ing and looking for ideas for Christmas gifts for Katrina. I entered a giveaway the other day for a play kitchen and ever since I've become obsessed with the idea of getting her that for Christmas. They're pretty pricey though. But wouldn't it be cute to have her playing in her kitchen while I cooked in ours? :] I also finally managed to win an auction of clothes. Katrina has two long-sleeved shirts and I think four pairs of pants, so every day I just alternate which top she wears. But today I won a clothing lot of several outfits and pajamas, so that will increase her wardrobe. Kids don't care what they wear, so it's really not that much of a problem to only have two shirts, except I only like to do laundry once a week! Katrina is a pretty clean girl (She insists I wash her hands after I use the bathroom and also wants to use hand sanitizer after I change her diaper. She meticulously eats up all of the crumbs on her high chair tray. She runs to me any time she has a hair stuck to her hands so I can remove it.), but she likes to do things like taking her used plate and rubbing it on her head, or drinking her applesauce out of a bowl, or eating yogurt with both one hand and one spoon, which gets it everywhere. So I will be happy to have more clothes for her!


Evenspor said...

Hang in there! I hope you either win the kitchen or find a thrifty deal on one. Those are so cool.

Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

hey tori! I have been there! I in fact get the same pain and I think that you are right to call it torturous! It does not sound that mine is as bad as yours! it will come along soon! I will be thinking of you! lova ya!