Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm beat

I'm totally beat right now. I would go take a nap but Katrina is still awake, so I want her to fall asleep first. Here's how the day went: No wait, scratch that. Here's how last night went:

I forgot to mention how horrible the rain was on the way home from New Jersey. Imagine torrential sheets of rain on the highway in the dark. We had to pull over for the worst of it. By the time we got to the heavier trafficked freeways, luckily it had calmed some, but was still very heavy. I'm just glad we made it all right. We saw one truck stuck in a puddle under an overpass.

Sometimes after 11, we were heading to bed when Katrina began crying. I thought at first that I had woken her up because I was scrubbing the tub in her bathroom. Yes, I am proudly sharing the fact that I scrubbed the tub, because at 7.5 months pregnant that's a serious accomplishment! Anyway, she cried and cried and first Adam and then I went into to comfort her and put her back in bed. But when I went in she kept screaming and climbing out of bed. We tried singing but nothing was working, so we took her back to our room and sat her between us while we read scriptures. She kept crying but it got worse when we turned the light off. So we took her back to her room, found the nightlight, and sang to her for awhile until she calmed down. When we left, she didn't make a peep and apparently fell asleep quickly. So she was afraid of the dark! That's a first. I'm interested to see whether tonight she will want a nightlight or not.

Sacrament meeting was difficult but we made it. Then the circus began. I asked the Primary President if they needed a pianist. She said the stake primary presidency was in charge, so she didn't know. We went to drop Katrina off at nursery. There were a bunch of other parents there trying to do the same thing and no Nursery Leaders. We went together to Primary, where it was already kind of crazy (remember how I said there were essentially kids from three units all being thrown together) and neither the stake nor the ward presidents knew what was going on for nursery. No teachers had been called. I stayed to be available on the piano and Adam went back, where luckily a few people volunteered for nursery duty. There was another sister that showed up who could play the piano too, but she was the former primary chorister, so she did the leading while I played. The stake had prepared singing time and sharing time. And nothing else. So the primary president was left to figure out what to do with all of these kids for the third hour. They split them up as much as possible, found volunteer teachers, and sent the kids to various rooms. I was given the oldest kids and told to play an introduction game. I managed to get them all sitting in chairs (harder than it should be for 10-11 year olds!) and then someone came back to teach, so I went to nursery. Two other ladies were there and about ten little kids, so I stayed to help. Unfortunately, Katrina turned into a whiny-faced crankypants for the rest of the time, so I spent most of the time trying to hold her at the same time as helping out with the other kids. It was chaos. We attempted singing time, books, coloring, and bubbles. It all worked out, and the other ladies were great with the kids, but it was still barely organized chaos. One lady came in to get her kid at the end and about five of the kids had just started screaming at the top of their lungs while popping bubbles and Katrina was wailing because I had put her down. She must of thought it was nuts!

Anyway, I am exhausted now and my body aches all over. It's not usually this bad until nighttime. I'm taking a nap very soon.

Oh yes, Adam's calling. He is the Assistant Scoutmaster and Assistant Advisor for the Deacon quorum. So, almost the same as what he was before, but the assistant now. Because they are combining youth programs with the other branch, the branch is in charge of picking a second counselor, and Adam will be his assistant. We are very nervous of how this combination thing is going to work out. It's already causing tons of heachaches for the YM presidency and the bishopric. I hope I get a calling soon, but after today I sure hope it's not Nursery Leader! All that getting up and down, hauling around crying toddlers, and pacifying Katrina constantly might just send me into early labor! :]

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Evenspor said...

Sounds like a real zoo.

I helped in nusery once when Beeper was in there. That's all it took for me to realize that was something I could not do as long as he was in there, because he was such a pest with me around.

We had Stake Conference this weekend and got a new Stake Presidency. I was thinking of you guys and the crazy changes in your stake. Hopefully things get sorted out soon.