Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Funny Story

So I just had to share this because I'm busting up trying not to laugh out loud.

Katrina was put to bed an hour ago. She's been off and on talking and being quiet. Just a few minutes ago she started pounding on the door. Finally, I got up and went to the door and stood outside talking to her. I told her several times to go to bed. She just kept jabbering and banging. Then I recognized what the sound was--her sippy cup being banged against the door. I told her to stop hitting the door a couple of times but she kept doing it. So I said, "Honey, if you don't stop hitting the door I'm going to take your sippy cup away." I heard a muffled scratching sound as she rubbed the cup against the door but didn't bang. Then she yammered something at me. I told her to go back to bed. She said something else and I repeated myself. I think I told her a third or fourth time to get up off the floor and go back to the bed. Silence. Then I hear the mattress and bed creaking a little as she went back and climbed in! I was laughing so hard but trying to be silent.

It wasn't exactly a victory since as I'm writing this she is back next to the door banging sporadically, and Adam just pulled up, so I bet she'll start yelling for him when she hears him come in. But it was still pretty funny.

Have I mentioned that my name is Daddy and Adam's name is also Daddy? She refuses to say Mommy and when we were at the store yesterday she kept turning around in her seat, looking at me, and calling out "Daddy!" while grinning. She also identifies me as Daddy whenever I point myself out in a picture.

One more thing--our car should be done this week! It's been over a month! We are very happy that this is almost over.

Yep, she started yelling for Adam as soon as he walked in. Oh well. If she won't fall asleep then she'll just sleep late tomorrow and I'll get to sleep in too.

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Elise said...

I'm glad you got to write this down. Classic! She will love reading these stories about herself when she gets older. Isn't it funny how they try to be so independent and make their own choices even at this age? Thanks for the chuckle.