Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Day of Nursery Jitters (for parents)

I woke up this morning very excited. Today was the day! First day of nursery!

It didn't start out well. We slept in, had to rush to get ready, and walked in during the opening song. Katrina was cranky because she didn't get put to bed until 9 last night and then she still took an hour to fall asleep. We had to fight to keep the blanket in the car and so forth. The only empty pew when we got to church was the very front one, which made me nervous. Sure enough, she made a beeline for the stairs the minute she saw them. Luckily, it took her the entire meeting to get up the courage to go all the way up the stairs. Most of the time she climbed up, stopped at the top, and then just leaned over and watched the Bishopric. Then she would slide back down.

Nothing made her happy, she was whiny, and I ended up taking her out for several minutes. We tried again. I pulled out her Sunday bag but she didn't care. Then I remembered the books I made. The book about Jesus got flipped through and discarded. Then I remembered the other book I made last night with pictures of her family. Oh man. That was too much of a success. She loves it! Her favorite page, which makes sense because we spent all of yesterday in New Jersey, was the one that had Nana, Poppop, Great-Grad, and Gigi (the shitzhu). She pointed at each and let out shrill squeals. The rest of the meeting we kept her entertained quite well with toys and that book, but the main trial was to get her to keep her voice down.

After that, I was much more nervous to leave her in nursery. She cried when I left. Adam stayed with her for a few minutes and then snuck out and sat in the foyer working on his lesson. He heard her cry once, followed by another little girl who is 3 1/2 saying, "It's all right Katrina." It's pretty cute, this little girl likes to mother Katrina. Adam stopped by Primary to give me a progress report and was noticeably weirded out by not having to take care of a baby for the first time in months! I went and stuck my head in partway through the last hour. The leaders waved and said she was doing great! Oh, and when the music leader came back into Primary I interrogated her on how Katrina did, which apparently was great as well! The first day of nursery would have been perfect but I guess in the last 20 minutes she got tired and kind of lost it a little. Then Adam took away her chalk when he picked her up and so when I arrived she was pretty much sobbing. Oh well. I still consider the day a success, and hopefully next week I'll be able to play in primary without jerking my head up to look and getting a little nervous every time someone comes in one of the doors.

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Elise said...

I'm so glad it went well! What a relief. Those last 20 minutes of nursery are tough for the kids, but she'll get used to it in no time. She is friendly and social and bright, and I'm sure everyone loved having her. You are such good parents, I'm sure she was good about following directions and doing what she was supposed to be doing. What a sweetie!