Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bubbles and Canvases

Katrina looked so cute in this little dress on Sunday that I had to take some picture.
Unfortunately cameras, of any variety, induce the same reaction in her:

Quickly moving around and making every shot blurry.

And then attacking me/the camera.
Today Adam taught Katrina how to blow bubbles! I usually don't let her touch the bubble wand because she tried to put it in her mouth. I was very surprised at how quickly she picked it up, though I shouldn't be because she watches me blow bubbles at least four times every day.

These two shots remind me of some of my toddler pictures.

She was just as attached to the bottle cap as the bubble wand. Now we've encountered a new difficulty with bubble-blowing: getting her to stop. This morning's session finally ended because our breakfast of German Pancakes was ready, but I'm definitely going to have to plan wisely any time I take the bubbles out. I'll need an escape plan. Unfortunately, "bubble" is one of Katrina's clearest, most favorite words, so I hear requests for bubbles all day.
She was also fascinated with trying to put the lid off and on. I wouldn't trust her alone with that bottle anymore. I bet she could open it. Yesterday she ended up with my deoderant and when I checked on her during her nap, intending on moving her onto the bed from the floor, I found her wide awake, eating little pieces of my deoderant. That ended up with her immediately relegated to the crib for naptime and me going straight to the computer to figure out how serious deoderant ingestion is! I guess Poison Control needs to be a number on our fridge from here on out!

And to my utter amazement, Katrina managed to blow bubbles! She spent the next while blowing bubbles straight into my face while I held the bottle for her. She also figured out she could catch them on the wand, but that didn't happen very often because, like I said, she insisted on standing right in front of me and blowing them straight at me.

This was my project for this week. I delayed for a few days because I thought I needed to buy more paint. But it turns out my little tubes ended up being sufficient. I painted the fronts and sides of each canvas, and then waited a few more days to get up the guts to paint the designs on them.
I am very happy with how they turned out.

Here are the two that are completely finished.
These two are waiting for names to be painted on them. I need to figure out what fonts to use and also, more importantly, what name to paint on the blue one! I also probably need to buy some finer brushes because mine are very cheap and not good for delicate work.
And lest you think I am able to spontaneously paint cute little frogs, turtles, and chicks, here is the wallpaper from Katrina's room that I used as inspiration. My artistic talents have always been more fruitful when I am copying something. Ask me to draw anything and it will turn out like an amorphous blob with a slight resemblance to what I intended. But if I can find a picture or drawing of something, it is much more likely to turn out all right. In art class in middle school, we were given a picture and asked to turn it upside down, make a grid and draw it that way. Mine turned out beautifully! I think it's because my mind works very concrete-sequentially, even though I still have this need to do creative things.


Jolena said...

Love, love, love them! They turned out so cute! I'm really excited to see them with the names. Are you going to put them up in Katrina's room?

Evenspor said...

You should make a little basket or box full of empty containers with different kinds of lids so she can practice opening and closing things. (This may not seem wise when you want to protect your stuff, but at least it will keep her busy)

Evenspor said...

Oh, and by the way, real artists draw by looking at something fr reference too. ;)