Friday, October 16, 2009


I was going to post the link to a really delicious apple cake recipe that I made tonight. But now I feel pretty nauseated and I think it's from my second helping of the cake. So I'm not so enthusiastic about it now.

I also burned myself making the cake. Luckily it stopped hurting finally but I was sulky for several hours because the little burn on the web between my forefinger and thumb was stinging so badly. I read recently about a woman who was in a plane crash and had burns over 80% of her body. I can't imagine how she would endure that pain. I think burn victims must have to deal with some of the worst pain imaginable. Makes my little tiny blistery burn seem laughable!

I did find the blog that I got the I-Spy bags from. Here it is. She has a bunch of tutorials down the left side of the blog and I might give some more of them a try. They are all cheap and fairly easy--my kind of craft!

Adam's mom came to visit today and I enjoyed spending time with her so much. I love that I have great in-laws, and I'm pretty sure Adam likes my family a lot too. How many people can say that? I'm a member of a forum with a bunch of other women giving birth in December and it seems like every day someone posts a mother-in-law vent. I'm always just very grateful I have a wonderful relationship with both my mother and Adam's. Makes life so much more enjoyable! Katrina loved the visit too. She loves her Nana and she loves having an audience, so she was pretty happy (when she wasn't displaying her drama queen tendencies).

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