Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bedtime, Belly Pic and Fabric Balls

I am relaxing after a looooong day of no naptime. Adam left me at 6 for Scouts and I almost cried because I couldn't handle another two hours of her. Only a few minutes of heck passed before I gave in and turned on the tv, even though that meant I would have to figure out in another half an hour how to entertain her until bedtime. Then I decided that bedtime would be at 7! When I turned the tv off, I asked her if she was tired and ready for bed. She gave me the sign for sleepy and ran to her room, so I decided okay, bedtime it was. That may sound pretty impressive, but she sometimes reacts that way during the day when I ask her if she's ready for a nap and today she ended up not napping at all and yesterday finally ended up in the crib, so it's not the best indicator of how tired she really is! Anyway, instead of an hour or more of babbling and playing she was asleep within 20 minutes and I think she actually fell asleep on the bed.

The other night I dressed her in some of her cute new pj's from eBay, and I decided it was a good night to have a photo journey of bedtime.
After she gets changed into pajamas she gets her teeth brushed (to the tune of the ABCs).

I like the difference between the front and back of her hair.

We sing the Primary song "Book of Mormon Stories" and then read a page from Book of Mormon Stories. She uses this as an opportunity to get up and dance on the bed, no matter how hard we try to get her to look at the pictures. The only time she will pay more attention is if there is a picture with Jesus in it and since she likes identifying him in pictures, she enjoys pointing him out.

She tries to delay things by asking for water but I am prepared.

Sorry about the blurriness and changes in brightness in the next few pictures. I was experimenting with my camera settings. We read her two books.

I think here she grabbed the book away to rifle through it one more time on her own.

Then she folds her arms along with us and we start the prayer. This little girl is great for mealtime prayers. At church she is about 50/50 with how she does. At nighttime she folds her arms and then the moment we start she unfolds them and either dances around more or just watches us to see our reaction to her disobedience (currently mine is ignoring her).

Here's me at 34 weeks. Adam took a bunch of pictures and this is the one I dislike the least! I feel cute pregnant when I look in the mirror but when I see pictures I grimace.

So I made these little fabric balls. They are very easy. Unfortunately I can't provide the link to the tutorial I used because it's apparently been taken down. But I got it from Sew, Mama, Sew, which just had a Scrapbuster month with site tutorials and a contest of reader tutorials with projects utilizing fabric scraps. There were several really cute things. Katrina loves her little balls from IKEA, but they are hard and now that she's throwing them more I wanted to make something softer.
I unfortunately underestimated how much batting I had. I ended up using some scrap quilting batting, some ugly denim I don't like, and even some plastic Walmart bags! So they are lumpy, but I like them. These ended up larger than I planned too, so we taught Katrina how to kick them last night. She's never really learned how to kick a ball before because we don't have any larger balls.
Well I am going to finally sew my baby sling now during commercials of So You Think You Can Dance. Adam will be back in half an hour or so and I'll get to find out how his first night as Assistant Scoutmaster went.


Elise said...

Whether you had enough batting or not, those balls look professionally done! I love the fabrics you chose. Also, I think you look VERY CUTE pregnant right now, especially with that gorgeous hair and your big brown eyes. Katrina looks just like you and she is so lucky for that!

Jeff & Chels & Brooklynn said...

Tori! I cannot believe you are so far along. Wow. I think my friend is due around the same time you are. She is due December 8th. When is your exact due date again? I just can't believe you are going to have another baby in like a month! AH!! You look so cute!! I was hoping there were some belly pictures on here!!