Saturday, October 31, 2009

Outlook hazy. Ask again later.

Happy Halloween! We had a nice, warm, muggy Halloween here. We also had detergent left outside our door and later on some Dove soap too. Our neighbors had the same gifts in front their doors. Random, but we sure appreciate detergent!

I have been pretty clueless about Halloween costumes, so today I hit up the internet and found some great ideas for pregnant costumes. Do you like what I picked?
I was a Magic 8 Ball! I made a little pouch with two circles of white fabric and if people asked me a yes or no question, I pulled out a little triangle with the answer. Fun, huh?

We used our morning to organize Katrina's clothes. Next weekend will be the storage closet. We went to the ward Halloween party, then skipped out on the trunk or treat because Katrina refused to nap today and by that point she was running around at full speed laughing hysterically. We headed to New Jersey (she napped fitfully on the way) and joined them for a Halloween dinner. It was fun, though there wasn't a single trick or treater all night! Crazy.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Yes, I'm probably nesting

I know I've been going on a craft craze lately. Thank you for bearing with me. I just have this need to constantly be working on several projects. Some are Chrismas gifts, some are just random things I want to do. I try to spend as little money as possible and use as much as I can from my current sewing and craft supplies. Often, I enjoy the planning more than the actual making and the result, so knowing that about myself, I really try to make sure that it really is worth it before I embark on a project.

So here was yesterday's project. There is a sister in the ward whose baby shower I missed. I don't really know her at all but Adam is their new hometeacher, so I feel a desire to do something for her. I got the idea for these online and thought that if they turned out cute, I could give them to her. Supplies were $2 for some bells and some more felt. Here they are. I like them (mostly).

Two of them have bells inside to make them rattles. Two are stuffed with plastic bags in an attempt to make them crinkly.
The red one has two sides. Newborns are supposed to like red and black and white, which is why I made that one. Katrina has some books with shiny paper that occasionally she rips off, so I salvaged some of that. I think these rattles are cute definitely, but I'm not sure how useable they are. I didn't quite make the handles long enough. Also, I planned on making them so they could be chained together, but I forgot and only made one handle thing for each one.
Anyway, the trouble these days is Katrina and her sleeping. She woke up yesterday and today at 6:45 (an hour and a half earlier than normal), and ran into our room. Yesterday we put her back, today we let her just lay on the bed with us and she cuddled with us. She fell asleep in the car on the way back from the doctor's for five minutes and then refused to nap the rest of the afternoon. Then she fell asleep on the way back from picking Adam up at work, and was so incredibly sleepy that we put her to sleep for about forty minutes. We just got her up (at 5:30!) and she is so tired and cranky. I'm hoping she doesn't continue this schedule after Daylight Savings Time ends, because then she'll be waking up at six! Bleh. I know tons of other parents have to deal with early risers, but Katrina typically sleeps until 8 or after, so this stinks for us.

SYS Thurs

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Phillies, Pumpkins, and Pouch Slings

Ha, I'm having way too much fun with alliteration.

I arrived home tonight to Adam watching the Phillies game while Katrina was still awake in her room (she actually fell asleep and then woke back up). Apparently she is a Yankees fan, since whenever they cheered on the tv she cheered and said "Yay!" in her room.

So tonight I went to a meeting with my doctor and a bunch of other pregnant women due in December. It was primarily for first-time moms, but intended to help all of their patients. I was pleasantly surprised. I get a calm sense about this birth. I liked my last birth, but you never know what to expect with a new hospital and a new practice of doctors (with six doctors!). This particular doctor was rushed and very business-like in my one appointment with him but I felt much better after this meeting. They also seem more open to different birth plans that my last doctor.

Then I went to the craft store for supplies for several Christmas presents. I got some awesome deals! That put me in a great mood. I came home to find a clean house and a cleaned-out pumpkin, ready for me to carve. Have you ever used those pumpkin carving kits? Those tools are so much easier to use than a kitchen knife and a spoon. We had already picked a design and I went to work. Adam prefers scooping and I prefer carving, so we're a good team.

I like how it turned out.
Here is my baby sling that I finished last night. I used this tutorial. She has a bunch of other tutorials for other slings if you're interested.

It's reversible. I'm particularly proud of that decorative topstitch. It took me forever.

Trying it on with a "baby." I think it will be a lot easier when I'm not pregnant.!

And as I write this, the Phillies won the first game of the World Series! Awesome.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bedtime, Belly Pic and Fabric Balls

I am relaxing after a looooong day of no naptime. Adam left me at 6 for Scouts and I almost cried because I couldn't handle another two hours of her. Only a few minutes of heck passed before I gave in and turned on the tv, even though that meant I would have to figure out in another half an hour how to entertain her until bedtime. Then I decided that bedtime would be at 7! When I turned the tv off, I asked her if she was tired and ready for bed. She gave me the sign for sleepy and ran to her room, so I decided okay, bedtime it was. That may sound pretty impressive, but she sometimes reacts that way during the day when I ask her if she's ready for a nap and today she ended up not napping at all and yesterday finally ended up in the crib, so it's not the best indicator of how tired she really is! Anyway, instead of an hour or more of babbling and playing she was asleep within 20 minutes and I think she actually fell asleep on the bed.

The other night I dressed her in some of her cute new pj's from eBay, and I decided it was a good night to have a photo journey of bedtime.
After she gets changed into pajamas she gets her teeth brushed (to the tune of the ABCs).

I like the difference between the front and back of her hair.

We sing the Primary song "Book of Mormon Stories" and then read a page from Book of Mormon Stories. She uses this as an opportunity to get up and dance on the bed, no matter how hard we try to get her to look at the pictures. The only time she will pay more attention is if there is a picture with Jesus in it and since she likes identifying him in pictures, she enjoys pointing him out.

She tries to delay things by asking for water but I am prepared.

Sorry about the blurriness and changes in brightness in the next few pictures. I was experimenting with my camera settings. We read her two books.

I think here she grabbed the book away to rifle through it one more time on her own.

Then she folds her arms along with us and we start the prayer. This little girl is great for mealtime prayers. At church she is about 50/50 with how she does. At nighttime she folds her arms and then the moment we start she unfolds them and either dances around more or just watches us to see our reaction to her disobedience (currently mine is ignoring her).

Here's me at 34 weeks. Adam took a bunch of pictures and this is the one I dislike the least! I feel cute pregnant when I look in the mirror but when I see pictures I grimace.

So I made these little fabric balls. They are very easy. Unfortunately I can't provide the link to the tutorial I used because it's apparently been taken down. But I got it from Sew, Mama, Sew, which just had a Scrapbuster month with site tutorials and a contest of reader tutorials with projects utilizing fabric scraps. There were several really cute things. Katrina loves her little balls from IKEA, but they are hard and now that she's throwing them more I wanted to make something softer.
I unfortunately underestimated how much batting I had. I ended up using some scrap quilting batting, some ugly denim I don't like, and even some plastic Walmart bags! So they are lumpy, but I like them. These ended up larger than I planned too, so we taught Katrina how to kick them last night. She's never really learned how to kick a ball before because we don't have any larger balls.
Well I am going to finally sew my baby sling now during commercials of So You Think You Can Dance. Adam will be back in half an hour or so and I'll get to find out how his first night as Assistant Scoutmaster went.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm beat

I'm totally beat right now. I would go take a nap but Katrina is still awake, so I want her to fall asleep first. Here's how the day went: No wait, scratch that. Here's how last night went:

I forgot to mention how horrible the rain was on the way home from New Jersey. Imagine torrential sheets of rain on the highway in the dark. We had to pull over for the worst of it. By the time we got to the heavier trafficked freeways, luckily it had calmed some, but was still very heavy. I'm just glad we made it all right. We saw one truck stuck in a puddle under an overpass.

Sometimes after 11, we were heading to bed when Katrina began crying. I thought at first that I had woken her up because I was scrubbing the tub in her bathroom. Yes, I am proudly sharing the fact that I scrubbed the tub, because at 7.5 months pregnant that's a serious accomplishment! Anyway, she cried and cried and first Adam and then I went into to comfort her and put her back in bed. But when I went in she kept screaming and climbing out of bed. We tried singing but nothing was working, so we took her back to our room and sat her between us while we read scriptures. She kept crying but it got worse when we turned the light off. So we took her back to her room, found the nightlight, and sang to her for awhile until she calmed down. When we left, she didn't make a peep and apparently fell asleep quickly. So she was afraid of the dark! That's a first. I'm interested to see whether tonight she will want a nightlight or not.

Sacrament meeting was difficult but we made it. Then the circus began. I asked the Primary President if they needed a pianist. She said the stake primary presidency was in charge, so she didn't know. We went to drop Katrina off at nursery. There were a bunch of other parents there trying to do the same thing and no Nursery Leaders. We went together to Primary, where it was already kind of crazy (remember how I said there were essentially kids from three units all being thrown together) and neither the stake nor the ward presidents knew what was going on for nursery. No teachers had been called. I stayed to be available on the piano and Adam went back, where luckily a few people volunteered for nursery duty. There was another sister that showed up who could play the piano too, but she was the former primary chorister, so she did the leading while I played. The stake had prepared singing time and sharing time. And nothing else. So the primary president was left to figure out what to do with all of these kids for the third hour. They split them up as much as possible, found volunteer teachers, and sent the kids to various rooms. I was given the oldest kids and told to play an introduction game. I managed to get them all sitting in chairs (harder than it should be for 10-11 year olds!) and then someone came back to teach, so I went to nursery. Two other ladies were there and about ten little kids, so I stayed to help. Unfortunately, Katrina turned into a whiny-faced crankypants for the rest of the time, so I spent most of the time trying to hold her at the same time as helping out with the other kids. It was chaos. We attempted singing time, books, coloring, and bubbles. It all worked out, and the other ladies were great with the kids, but it was still barely organized chaos. One lady came in to get her kid at the end and about five of the kids had just started screaming at the top of their lungs while popping bubbles and Katrina was wailing because I had put her down. She must of thought it was nuts!

Anyway, I am exhausted now and my body aches all over. It's not usually this bad until nighttime. I'm taking a nap very soon.

Oh yes, Adam's calling. He is the Assistant Scoutmaster and Assistant Advisor for the Deacon quorum. So, almost the same as what he was before, but the assistant now. Because they are combining youth programs with the other branch, the branch is in charge of picking a second counselor, and Adam will be his assistant. We are very nervous of how this combination thing is going to work out. It's already causing tons of heachaches for the YM presidency and the bishopric. I hope I get a calling soon, but after today I sure hope it's not Nursery Leader! All that getting up and down, hauling around crying toddlers, and pacifying Katrina constantly might just send me into early labor! :]

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patches and Turtles

Today we headed to New Jersey. Even though it was cloudy and a little rainy we wanted to see the family and go to the pumpkin patch. I brought my camera but forgot to take it out of the car! Katrina really liked running around and touching all the pumpkins. It was raining when we got there but it stopped quickly and was beautiful until we decided to leave and the rain began again.

While we were there we picked up a Halloween costume for Katrina. Do you like it?

We thought it sure was cute! I'm sure I'll take even more pictures next week when she wears it again.
Here's another picture of her. She was pretty cute today. I wish I had some of the pictures from her interacting with Jared, my four-month-old nephew. She tentatively touched his hands and feet when we pressured her. But finally she got to do what she really wanted--touch his nose! She poked his nose a few times and it was funny. We also decided to throw her and her cousin Jordan in the bath together and see if they had fun playing together. Katrina was already getting tired and seemed a little overwhelmed sharing a tub, so when he helped me wash the water out of her hair with a cup of water in her face, she decided that was enough. Oh well. I think Jordan had fun!
Tomorrow we will have our first day with the new ward. Adam has a calling. He got a call on Wednesday and went in to talk to our new bishop. Then we got a call on Friday that things had changed because of the necessity of working with the other branch, and so he got un-called. Then later that day he was re-called to a slightly different calling. I think he'll be sustained and set apart tomorrow, and then I'll share. I haven't received a phone call, so I think I'll just show up to Primary tomorrow and see if they need me to play. Katrina will be going to a whole new nursery with different kids and possibly different leaders, so I hope she likes it as much as last time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nice day

I had a nice, productive day. It's been so long since that has happened. It's so nice to get to this time of day and not feel like a big lump. I am making a baby sling. I bought the fabric last night. That was definitely hard! I always take forever to pick the right fabric. I found a nice tutorial online that I will link to when I finish the project and show pictures. So today during Katrina's nap, I cut out the fabric for the sling. I also cleaned up my bedroom, which wasn't too bad floor-wise but had some really bad clutter places. I took before and after pictures for my forum friends but I'll just show the after pictures.
We have to turn Adam's valet backwards because Katrina can reach the drawer and pull it out.
Look at how lumpy the bottom of our comforter is! We've really liked this bedding but it's definitely getting worn. All of the stuffing is at the end of the bed.
This is my sewing corner. I cleaned it up, put things in the shelves (which are turned around to prevent Katrina playing with the stuff), and made it so only current projects are on the table. Right now I have sling fabric, Halloween fabric for a yet-to-be-determined decoration or craft, my wall hangings that need loops sewn in on top, and the curtain that I still need to sew for our other bedroom window.
We got our car back today! Finally! We are so excited to have it back. This affair has dragged on for five or six weeks!
We're off to the library and hopefully I'll find some nice books to read. There's one book coming out next week that I'm so eager to read (the next Wheel of Time book), but I decided to save it for after the baby comes. I'm tired of the romances I've been reading. They are all nice and clean, but it's the same basic plot over and over. We'll see if I find anything.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


If I ever hear "Ooo-weeee!" coming from Katrina's room, I can be pretty sure what she is doing. She got this rocking horse from her Nana for her birthday and has always liked it, but now that she can climb on and off without any problems, she loves it. It used to have a necklace of greenery and blue flowers but she pulled off the flowers one by one and littered the floor with them. Oh, and it's really a unicorn and not a horse, but I haven't gotten around to reattaching the horn.

We're having a good week. Yesterday I decided to stay off the computer as long as possible. That's easier for me if I have a book to read or something to do. But I had nothing. So first I tidied up a bit, and that felt good. Then I played with Katrina. Man, she is exhausting when I actually try to sit on the floor with her! The main reason is that she insists on sitting on my lap and I have very little lap left, so she constantly is adjusting and trying to shove my belly out of the way with her rear end! I had to retreat to the couch finally and just watch or let her bring the books to me. I think my no-computer thing would have been easier if we hadn't stayed up past midnight to watch the Phillies game. We only watch sports occasionally, but if the Phillies have made it to the post-season then we definitely watch. At least it was a good game! They pulled ahead at the very bottom of the ninth inning and it was quite exciting. But anyway, I was so sleepy that I couldn't bear to do any more cleaning and just ended up taking a cat nap while Katrina played with the DVDs. I decided I'll wait until another more well-rested day to try to wean myself off the computer. Last night we stayed up too late again, so today is not that day! :]

Today I am participating in a challenge on the LDS board that I frequent on Babycenter. They always have lots of cleaning threads and I ignore them because the women on there are just too efficient and amazing. But this one is fun. You take a before and after picture of your assigned room and then post them. So I have incentive to clean the kitchen today because that is the challenge, and I already posted my before pictures!

Katrina keeps doing cute things that I want to share, but then I forget when I come to post. Let me try to remember them. She likes to fake sneeze. After she sneezes for real she follows it with a few fake sneezes. She is getting very neat about eating. If I give her oatmeal in a bowl with a spoon she makes a valiant effort to eat most of it with the spoon, though her other hand helps out a lot. One thing that we just recently discovered that particularly impressed Adam was that she has a very good memory for where she left her books, and she knows them by name. We experimented with asking her to bring us different books and she without fail ran back to where she last dropped it and brought it to us. She obviously understands us very well and that makes it easier to accept that she is going to call everything that she loves "Deddy" or "Daddy." For instance, after I took her out of her crib the other day, she ran back for Deddy. I handed her the blanket. Then she ran back for Deddy again. I handed her the crocheted blanket. Then she ran back one more time calling for Deddy and I handed her the stuffed cow (I'm very good at discerning which Deddy she means). Oh, that reminds me of one more funny thing. Yesterday she ran into the hallway yelling, "Deddy! Deddy!" I looked over to see her dragging her laundry basket into the hallway. Unfortunately, she saw her blankie in there. She has two and we rotate and wash them about twice a week. I was able to console her by giving her the other blanket, but later on she kept trying to crawl in and get it, so I ended up just throwing it in the washer. Today she keeps going to the laundry basket and looking inside suspiciously. Oh, and one last thing. She has enjoyed flipping through my old books as a kid for awhile now, but when she hands them to me to read to her, she doesn't have the patience for the whole book. But in the last couple of days she has given me Peter Pan and The Jungle Book and sat through the entire book, not just the ultra-abridged version I usually have to give. I'm pretty impressed by that. Those are the only two that she will sit through currently, but it's still cool.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hospital Tour

As soon as Adam got home tonight I rushed him to the table and then out the door. We had our hospital tour scheduled and I wanted to make sure we had enough time to drop Katrina off at our friends' house and park in the parking garage. We managed to make it all work out. The tour was nice and informative. There wasn't too much that was a surprise. We did find out that you can't use cell phones at all in Labor and Delivery, so there won't be as many real-time updates for family like before. Adam was bummed that they don't have snacks available for the fathers like Orem Community. The rooms are smaller than the suite we had for Katrina's birth. But they have a rocking chair! That's pretty cool. I also will be allowed to walk around and won't be confined to my bed. And they'll let me bring my birth ball, which is nice. The saddest part is that Katrina won't be allowed to come visit me in the hospital at all. No one under 16 is allowed in the Maternity Unit (well, probably the entire hospital). I am really bummed but I had expected it because so many other people on my December babies birth board have said that their hospitals have instituted that same policy.

Katrina enjoyed her time at our friends' house so much that we had to drag her away kicking and screaming. Luckily we have a few weapons in our arsenal, and "The Wheels on the Bus," "Old MacDonald," "Pattycake", and "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" calmed her down. Have I mentioned that Katrina has signs for when she wants me to sing her favorite songs? Fingers together for the spider song, random waving of arms (in a way that I'm sure only I could interpet) means Pattycake, and pointing at her cheeks indicates "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." It's cute.

Today she refused to take a nap. That was exciting. However, she spent a couple hours in her room, part of it playing and part of it in her crib. So I guess I got some break after all. I sure hope she doesn't make a habit of this. Maybe that means she'll fall asleep quickly tonight. I can hear her banging around in there now. I'm not really sure what she does at night. During the day she empties out drawers and plays on her rocking horse. At night she usually moves everything on her bed, blankets, pillow, stuffed animals, onto the floor in front of the door. If we leave any toy near the door we can hear her playing with that. Sometimes it takes her over an hour to fall asleep. You'd think it would be boring but she seems to entertain herself pretty well.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ward Boundary Change

Today was an interesting Sacrament meeting. We had four wards and one branch meeting together. We kind of thought that the branch was going to get dissolved because it's been having a hard time sustaining itself. We also suspected our bishop would be released because he's been in there five years. The stake president then released two of the bishops (including ours) and the branch president, and said that another ward had had its bishop released already two weeks ago. So only one ward retained its bishop. And then he announced that the branch would be increased in size and the other four wards would be turned into three wards. We were a little surprised at that. Not only is that going to be a big change, but they released everyone. So we technically don't have callings right now, but I'm planning on playing next week anyway. And then on top of all that, the branch will be meeting in our same building and overlapping Sunday School and Priesthood/RS because they don't have enough youth so their youth will be joining with ours. That means that Primary will be huge! I'm not even sure if I'll be pianist if there are potentially two other pianists (depending on where they live and which ward they ended up in) as well. Our Primary Program has been delayed until after the first of the year, which is nice for those planning but stinks for me because I'll have two babies to deal with.

So there are lots of changes! We'll hopefully get calls this week letting us know what we'll be expected to do next week. Adam is hoping to stay in as Deacon Advisor and Scoutmaster. I like my calling a lot and it's very comfortable for me, so I would be quite happy staying there, it's just a little difficult to juggle with having a baby soon. I feel for our new bishopric! I bet they'll be meeting practically every night this week to discuss things and figuring everything out. Not only do they have to figure out callings for our expanded ward, but they have to work with the other branch because we'll be combined for certain things. Crazy. I'm actually very excited. I like ward changes. When I was ten our ward split and after that it split again every two years with regularity. Sometimes it was harder than others but it was never a tragedy. There was a young woman today after church crying on everyone's shoulders because she had been stuck in a different ward. Also, we had a Primary meeting and the Stake Primary President and one of the high councillors were reassuring us that life would go on, things would be normal, the church is still true (okay, no one had to tell us that!), and that we shouldn't feel lost without our calling. I just kind of nodded and thought,"What? This is fun! This is new and exciting!" I can see how people don't feel that way, but I'm not torn up about the change.

Yesterday was a fun, relaxing Saturday. Today feels weird because we got home at the same time as normal but started church two hours later, so it feels like we didn't go to enough church! Katrina was pretty challenging during the meeting so it's a relief to be home. We were squished between two other families and that made taking her out really hard, so we just desperately stuffed food in her mouth and tried all sorts of tactics to entertain her. She figured out that she can crawl under the benches, so we had to grab her and drag her back several times. Coincidentally, we ended up sitting right next to the family that was behind us at Stake Conference and Katrina remembered them, so she spent a bit of time sitting on that sister's lap and playing with her jewelry. Note to self--find some of my old jewelry and add it to the Sunday bag.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I was going to post the link to a really delicious apple cake recipe that I made tonight. But now I feel pretty nauseated and I think it's from my second helping of the cake. So I'm not so enthusiastic about it now.

I also burned myself making the cake. Luckily it stopped hurting finally but I was sulky for several hours because the little burn on the web between my forefinger and thumb was stinging so badly. I read recently about a woman who was in a plane crash and had burns over 80% of her body. I can't imagine how she would endure that pain. I think burn victims must have to deal with some of the worst pain imaginable. Makes my little tiny blistery burn seem laughable!

I did find the blog that I got the I-Spy bags from. Here it is. She has a bunch of tutorials down the left side of the blog and I might give some more of them a try. They are all cheap and fairly easy--my kind of craft!

Adam's mom came to visit today and I enjoyed spending time with her so much. I love that I have great in-laws, and I'm pretty sure Adam likes my family a lot too. How many people can say that? I'm a member of a forum with a bunch of other women giving birth in December and it seems like every day someone posts a mother-in-law vent. I'm always just very grateful I have a wonderful relationship with both my mother and Adam's. Makes life so much more enjoyable! Katrina loved the visit too. She loves her Nana and she loves having an audience, so she was pretty happy (when she wasn't displaying her drama queen tendencies).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New craft project, I-Spy activity pillows

I must say, today was better. I wasn't really more productive (until this evening) but I was in less pain. I bounced around on my exercise ball a bit the last two days and it seems to have helped. Katrina has been pretty cranky and keeps me on my toes. She's pretty cute though. She can point out most basic shapes correctly on a page. She can even say "oval," though it comes out "wowal." Every other shape except a star she calls, "da," so I think it's funny she can say the word "oval."

Well, sometime today while blog-hopping, I came across a cute idea. I've heard of it before but it didn't appeal to me until I saw it done on this blog. I would provide the link but I don't remember how I got there! Anyway, here are some "I-Spy" things I made for Katrina. They're too small to be called pillows. I'm not sure what to title them.
My goal was to only make them if I could get the supplies for $10 or under. The priciest part was the poly-fil microbeads that the original blogger used. I checked them out and they were almost $20 for a huge bag. I checked out the idea of using clear beads instead, but even on sale those added up. So I gave up that idea in favor of using rice. She warned that rice sometimes leaves a film of powder on the clear window, so I will have to keep a watch out for that.

The clear vinyl for the windows was really cheap. I used felt instead of fleece like suggested because you can get sheets of felt for 4/$1. That left me to buy the things to go inside. I bought some alphabet beads and several packages of buttons. The total ended up being a little over $12. If I had bought one less bag of buttons I would have hit $10. That's all right. I wouldn't have had enough for two if I hadn't bought it. As I was making them I was actually wishing for more beads, so if I make these again I'll have to make sure to buy enough.
This turtle has a Noah's Ark and animals, crayons, flowers, and the letters of Katrina's name.

The fish has a moon and stars and bears button set, flowers, and the entire alphabet.

We'll see tomorrow if Katrina likes them. If so, I think I will add one or both to the Sunday toys. They might be a little beyond her but I'm sometimes surprised by what engages her interest. Speaking of Sunday, we just got a weird email saying church on Sunday is combined with four other wards and is at a later time. Strange, since we just had Stake Conference. We suspect a ward boundary change. Should be fun! We probably won't be very much affected except for some possible leadership changes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Keep on Truckin'

I've hit a wall. I just want to be done being pregnant NOW. Then I remember I still have seven more weeks and I want to cry. Just a month ago I was so happy to enter my third trimester but in the last week the aches and pains and discomfort have reached a point where every evening is pretty torturous, mostly from the intense pelvic pain. Imagine your pelvic bone separating and then grinding around. Then the pain radiates down to your thighs and you can't walk. Fun, right? Today I was reading about it. It's called symphasis pubic dysfunction and it affects 1 in 35 pregnant women. Lucky me, right? I had it last time with Katrina too but it's worse this time around.

Anyway, I'm also tired of being tired. Right now, I can't figure out what to do. I have a good two hours left of Katrina's nap. I'm tired of being on the computer. I have some books to read but they are mindless romances and they don't keep my attention very well. Actually doing something productive sounds so nice, but in a wistful way, not an I'm-actually-going-to-do-something way. A nap? That sounds the best, but then I won't fall asleep easily tonight. Cleaning? I cleaned something yesterday. And Monday I cleaned several things. :]

Anyway, I wanted to relate something cute. A few days ago I decided to try naptimes in the toddler bed with Katrina. It works, but she falls asleep in front of the door, like she does most nights. There's a big gap under the door and I figured out that I can see most of her room if I get down on all fours and look underneath. Today I peeked under and couldn't see her, so I figured she was on her bed. I checked a few minutes later and she was padding around playing with different things. That was really cute and funny to watch. I think she would have fallen asleep on her bed eventually, but then she heard me talking on the phone and ran to the door to bang and call out "Daddy!" (that's me, remember?). Then she fell asleep there. When I checked a few minutes ago I could see her body laying on the floor, so I opened the door. She was asleep the length of the door with her head resting on a packaged of baby onesies she pulled from the dresser. I laughed and then had to shove her away. That woke her up, and she sat up and leaned against the door, trapping me there. But I finally shoved and squeezed my way in and put her on the bed.

With my computer time I've been eBay-ing and looking for ideas for Christmas gifts for Katrina. I entered a giveaway the other day for a play kitchen and ever since I've become obsessed with the idea of getting her that for Christmas. They're pretty pricey though. But wouldn't it be cute to have her playing in her kitchen while I cooked in ours? :] I also finally managed to win an auction of clothes. Katrina has two long-sleeved shirts and I think four pairs of pants, so every day I just alternate which top she wears. But today I won a clothing lot of several outfits and pajamas, so that will increase her wardrobe. Kids don't care what they wear, so it's really not that much of a problem to only have two shirts, except I only like to do laundry once a week! Katrina is a pretty clean girl (She insists I wash her hands after I use the bathroom and also wants to use hand sanitizer after I change her diaper. She meticulously eats up all of the crumbs on her high chair tray. She runs to me any time she has a hair stuck to her hands so I can remove it.), but she likes to do things like taking her used plate and rubbing it on her head, or drinking her applesauce out of a bowl, or eating yogurt with both one hand and one spoon, which gets it everywhere. So I will be happy to have more clothes for her!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Day of Nursery Jitters (for parents)

I woke up this morning very excited. Today was the day! First day of nursery!

It didn't start out well. We slept in, had to rush to get ready, and walked in during the opening song. Katrina was cranky because she didn't get put to bed until 9 last night and then she still took an hour to fall asleep. We had to fight to keep the blanket in the car and so forth. The only empty pew when we got to church was the very front one, which made me nervous. Sure enough, she made a beeline for the stairs the minute she saw them. Luckily, it took her the entire meeting to get up the courage to go all the way up the stairs. Most of the time she climbed up, stopped at the top, and then just leaned over and watched the Bishopric. Then she would slide back down.

Nothing made her happy, she was whiny, and I ended up taking her out for several minutes. We tried again. I pulled out her Sunday bag but she didn't care. Then I remembered the books I made. The book about Jesus got flipped through and discarded. Then I remembered the other book I made last night with pictures of her family. Oh man. That was too much of a success. She loves it! Her favorite page, which makes sense because we spent all of yesterday in New Jersey, was the one that had Nana, Poppop, Great-Grad, and Gigi (the shitzhu). She pointed at each and let out shrill squeals. The rest of the meeting we kept her entertained quite well with toys and that book, but the main trial was to get her to keep her voice down.

After that, I was much more nervous to leave her in nursery. She cried when I left. Adam stayed with her for a few minutes and then snuck out and sat in the foyer working on his lesson. He heard her cry once, followed by another little girl who is 3 1/2 saying, "It's all right Katrina." It's pretty cute, this little girl likes to mother Katrina. Adam stopped by Primary to give me a progress report and was noticeably weirded out by not having to take care of a baby for the first time in months! I went and stuck my head in partway through the last hour. The leaders waved and said she was doing great! Oh, and when the music leader came back into Primary I interrogated her on how Katrina did, which apparently was great as well! The first day of nursery would have been perfect but I guess in the last 20 minutes she got tired and kind of lost it a little. Then Adam took away her chalk when he picked her up and so when I arrived she was pretty much sobbing. Oh well. I still consider the day a success, and hopefully next week I'll be able to play in primary without jerking my head up to look and getting a little nervous every time someone comes in one of the doors.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Occasionally I get engrossed in whatever I am doing and forget to pay attention to Katrina. Then I realize it's been too quiet and I quickly look around to see where she is and what she is doing. I love it when this is what I see!
She loves reading her books and I will often turn around to see her sitting on the floor by the bookshelf, flipping through her board books or my old books from when I was a kid. The ability to climb up on the couch is still a pretty new one for her, so it always surprises me to look over and see her sitting there. In this picture she is reading her favorite book, a Duty to God pamphlet for Deacons. I have no idea why she loves it so much. It's a church pamphlet with only a few pictures! But she loves flipping through it.

Sniffle sniffle

I've had a mild cold this week. It hasn't been too bad, but I'm ready for it to be over. Today I think is the tail-end. On Wednesday though, Adam started getting it and it hit him a lot quicker and a lot harder. Wednesday night we laid there for at least two hours, both unable to breathe or fall asleep. We kept switching around pillows and adjusting positions. At least there was someone else to talk to! Yesterday morning was super tough though. Adam ended up staying home from work. Halfway through the day, my body just shut down. I laid down and spent the next couple of hours drifting in and out of sleep while Adam fed the baby, put her down for a nap, and then cleaned up all the toys and tidied everything up. I felt a little bad that he was the sicker one and still ended up taking care of everything! But that nap was definitely needed.

We discovered a fun new game with Katrina. We have a game called Rummi-O, which I've seen called Rummikub and other things. It's just gin rummy with tiles. The sheer amount of tiles is heaven for a little toddler! She loves taking things and piling them in different locations and then moving them all around, so it worked really well. We first pulled it out last night and then tried it again today. It was a good way to end bubble time without complaint. She even helped me put the tiles away. Maybe eventually we'll use the tiles to teach numbers.

I have to go figure out a way to transition out of tv time without a tantrum. Maybe playdough. She likes to eat it, so I have to watch closely, but it's fun for a few minutes. Currently she's going crazy on the couch because Fireman Sam (the tv show) has a dalmation on it and she loves dogs. She keeps standing up and dancing around and I have to remind her to sit down. It's pretty cute.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Katrina seems to be picking up on colors better. She likes playing with the markers that I just bought and they have made a difference.

And now, for this video, I just thought I would show you how we are trying so hard to raise our daughter as a mild-mannered, non-violent individual.

Do you think we are succeeding?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Funny Story

So I just had to share this because I'm busting up trying not to laugh out loud.

Katrina was put to bed an hour ago. She's been off and on talking and being quiet. Just a few minutes ago she started pounding on the door. Finally, I got up and went to the door and stood outside talking to her. I told her several times to go to bed. She just kept jabbering and banging. Then I recognized what the sound was--her sippy cup being banged against the door. I told her to stop hitting the door a couple of times but she kept doing it. So I said, "Honey, if you don't stop hitting the door I'm going to take your sippy cup away." I heard a muffled scratching sound as she rubbed the cup against the door but didn't bang. Then she yammered something at me. I told her to go back to bed. She said something else and I repeated myself. I think I told her a third or fourth time to get up off the floor and go back to the bed. Silence. Then I hear the mattress and bed creaking a little as she went back and climbed in! I was laughing so hard but trying to be silent.

It wasn't exactly a victory since as I'm writing this she is back next to the door banging sporadically, and Adam just pulled up, so I bet she'll start yelling for him when she hears him come in. But it was still pretty funny.

Have I mentioned that my name is Daddy and Adam's name is also Daddy? She refuses to say Mommy and when we were at the store yesterday she kept turning around in her seat, looking at me, and calling out "Daddy!" while grinning. She also identifies me as Daddy whenever I point myself out in a picture.

One more thing--our car should be done this week! It's been over a month! We are very happy that this is almost over.

Yep, she started yelling for Adam as soon as he walked in. Oh well. If she won't fall asleep then she'll just sleep late tomorrow and I'll get to sleep in too.
Nightly struggles still continue, with us moving Katrina to her bed multiple times because she keeps coming back and falling asleep right next to the door. Last night during the final move before we went to bed, she told us she was thirsty so I gave her a sippy cup. When she first started sleeping in her toddler bed I left a sippy cup in there every night (usually by the door) so she could drink if she was thirsty. Then a few days ago I told Adam I thought I would stop doing that because how will she ever potty train if she's drinking tons at night? I don't know if I can claim causation, but taking away the water and relapsing onto the floor happened around the same time. After her request last night, I think I'm going to start leaving a sippy cup in there again. If that's the magic formula to get her to sleep in her bed rather than on the floor, then I will do it!

My blank board books arrived in the mail and I have been having fun making them into books for Katrina. Two have pictures of Jesus and other church themes for use on Sundays. One has pictures of family members because she really likes to look at photographs and have me identify everyone in the picture. That leaves me with one left and I'm not sure what I'll do with that one.

Naps have been crazy around here and I was happy today that Katrina went down with no problem. She also was surprisingly mild all morning. I've been sick with a mild cold for several days and she had a runny nose before I got sick, so maybe she's been feeling sick too. Who knows. I'm off to go eat something and enjoy hopefully another two hours of peace, though I wouldn't be surprised if it's shorter. It's cool enough these days in the afternoons that maybe we can go on a walk!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bubbles and Canvases

Katrina looked so cute in this little dress on Sunday that I had to take some picture.
Unfortunately cameras, of any variety, induce the same reaction in her:

Quickly moving around and making every shot blurry.

And then attacking me/the camera.
Today Adam taught Katrina how to blow bubbles! I usually don't let her touch the bubble wand because she tried to put it in her mouth. I was very surprised at how quickly she picked it up, though I shouldn't be because she watches me blow bubbles at least four times every day.

These two shots remind me of some of my toddler pictures.

She was just as attached to the bottle cap as the bubble wand. Now we've encountered a new difficulty with bubble-blowing: getting her to stop. This morning's session finally ended because our breakfast of German Pancakes was ready, but I'm definitely going to have to plan wisely any time I take the bubbles out. I'll need an escape plan. Unfortunately, "bubble" is one of Katrina's clearest, most favorite words, so I hear requests for bubbles all day.
She was also fascinated with trying to put the lid off and on. I wouldn't trust her alone with that bottle anymore. I bet she could open it. Yesterday she ended up with my deoderant and when I checked on her during her nap, intending on moving her onto the bed from the floor, I found her wide awake, eating little pieces of my deoderant. That ended up with her immediately relegated to the crib for naptime and me going straight to the computer to figure out how serious deoderant ingestion is! I guess Poison Control needs to be a number on our fridge from here on out!

And to my utter amazement, Katrina managed to blow bubbles! She spent the next while blowing bubbles straight into my face while I held the bottle for her. She also figured out she could catch them on the wand, but that didn't happen very often because, like I said, she insisted on standing right in front of me and blowing them straight at me.

This was my project for this week. I delayed for a few days because I thought I needed to buy more paint. But it turns out my little tubes ended up being sufficient. I painted the fronts and sides of each canvas, and then waited a few more days to get up the guts to paint the designs on them.
I am very happy with how they turned out.

Here are the two that are completely finished.
These two are waiting for names to be painted on them. I need to figure out what fonts to use and also, more importantly, what name to paint on the blue one! I also probably need to buy some finer brushes because mine are very cheap and not good for delicate work.
And lest you think I am able to spontaneously paint cute little frogs, turtles, and chicks, here is the wallpaper from Katrina's room that I used as inspiration. My artistic talents have always been more fruitful when I am copying something. Ask me to draw anything and it will turn out like an amorphous blob with a slight resemblance to what I intended. But if I can find a picture or drawing of something, it is much more likely to turn out all right. In art class in middle school, we were given a picture and asked to turn it upside down, make a grid and draw it that way. Mine turned out beautifully! I think it's because my mind works very concrete-sequentially, even though I still have this need to do creative things.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Case of the Missing Shelf

Adam was on sole parent duty last night while I went to a doctors appt and visiting teaching (why yes, it was the very last day of the month!). It was a crazy evening. First I spent about two hours total making dinner and it took so long that I had to just put it in the oven, eat a bowl of cereal, and then leave for my appt. I made Chicken Pot Cupcakes. I don't know why it took so long. All I know is that it did. I stuck on the tv for Katrina and she must have watched it for a whole hour before Adam came home. I really think that is a big part of why she quickly became so cranky. I like to break it up more and just watch an hour a day total, half an hour before breakfast and half an hour while I'm making dinner. Anyway, she was a mess. I was annoyed at something totally unrelated and which I would really like to vent about but won't, and then I had to leave without eating the dinner I had just made, so I'm sure she was feeling my irritation too. Poor Adam had to deal with the resulting meltdown. Luckily, I missed it all! :] Plus, my doctors appointment went really well. It was the first female doctor in the practice that I have met with, and I liked her a lot better than the men. Not that they are bad, just very rushed and they don't like having to explain anything.

Anyway, when Adam came home from work he asked me where one of the shelves was on the shelf unit where we keep the DVDs. I had no idea and figured it was underneath the piles of DVD cases that Katrina had thrown everywhere. Adam spent all evening looking for that shelf! Under the couch, in Katrina's room, in our room, in the toy chest. It had disappeared! When I came home I looked too. It wasn't until later that Adam was staring at it and said suddenly, "I know where the shelf is!" I looked at him and said, "It's on top of the other one, isn't it!" It was. She had pulled it off and put it on top of the one underneath. Maybe she was trying to camouflage it by hiding it in plain sight, like on the tv show she was watching while I made dinner. :]

At nights Katrina likes to sit against the door in her room and bang her head backwards against it. It's really distracting and occasionally I'll go in and move her to her bed just to stop herself from killing off brain cells. Last night she banged against the door so much that she got it to ricochet open (we never close it all the way). We peeked down the hallway, saw the open door, and waited for the inevitable. Sure enough, a moment later she came running out with her blanket, a huge triumphant grin on her face. It was cute. She fell asleep on the floor again. We definitely have to check each night before we go to bed. I just tried to get her to take a nap in her bed and not the crib, but after about 15 minutes of playing she got bored and started banging on the door, so I moved her to the crib and she is quiet now. It sure is nice that we can still corral her somewhere!