Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some pictures and fun games

First of all, I apologize for that last post having no spaces. Blogger is horrible to me about spaces. If Adam is around I get him to go into the code and fix it, but he's still gone camping.


I tried to catch a picture of Katrina's crazy hair after bathtime last night but she was hard to pin down for a picture.
Adam left the carseat here while on a camping trip, and it has been her favorite toy last night and this morning.
Those are her pjs still. That's the top that she loves so much.

Waving "hi!"

This is the game I came up with. I took her toy tub and filled it with water, then found some kitchen things to dip into it.
The game was a success! She remained enthralled for a long time.
Dipping was fun. She usually doesn't spend much time playing in the bathtub, so she enjoyed learning the different properties of water.

Mostly how fun it is to drink.
Dip, splash, drink.
Of course, it ended as most things seem to these days--with a huge tantrum. Since I only barely rinsed the tub out before filling it up, the water had things floating in it, and I was supper grossed out when all she was doing was drinking it. I had to take it away. This same tub is what I used to put my Barbies in, and then it used to hold extra bathroom supplies like contact solution and lotion. And then it became the toy tub. I really don't think it has been cleaned well in a long time. It caused a rolling-around-on-the-floor screaming fest, which I could have ignored if I hadn't been trying to coax her into her room to strip off the soaked clothing. Oh well. It was fun that once. I don't plan on doing it again soon, since I like that tub to be used for holding small toys.
I decided to make a list of all of the words Katrina can sign and all of the words she can say, mostly for my own benefit. I'm not sure if I remembered all of them, but the list has fifteen signs and thirteen words (and five or six animal noises!). I hear about other babies who are talking away with 50 words vocabularies at her age, and I'm just happy with how she's doing. It seems average. I am trying really hard these days to talk to her more, but it's so much easier sometimes to go around in silence. I think that me talking to her and holding better conversations would benefit her more than anything. She's also getting more interested in names of things than she has been. Just in the last couple of days, instead of wanting me to read the story, she just points out things on the page with a "Da," and I tell her what it is. When we play with crayons she sometimes will identify the colors correctly (but not often enough that I can be positive it's not just a fluke). When we point out shapes everything is a "Dar!" (star) except for ovals ("wowal"). I love seeing her learn new things everyday.

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JenniferB said...

Another helpful language builder is pointing out each word on the page as you read a book and doing so several times a day. Anna could use the word "impossibility" correctly when she was 3, and yes, each child is different, my point in sharing that is just to say that we don't know what our childs potential is -- we just have to keep trying. You are a good Mom and it is fun to hear the cute stories and hear of your efforts to teach and entertain Katrina.