Monday, September 7, 2009

Ringing Rocks

We went on a family outing today that was pretty fun. How often do you get to bring hammers for your hike? We went to Ringing Rocks Park, which is this little county park about an hour north of us. The interesting thing about this field of boulders is that some of the rocks let out this ringing noise when you hit them with hammers or other rocks. Apparently it's a bit of a mystery why they ring like that, and why only some of them ring while others don't. Also, most rock fields like this are from glaciers but glaciers aren't supposed to have come down this far south. Adam's parents called us and invited us along. Right after we left I remembered that I had made arrangements to get a pack n play off of Craigslist, so we had to go home, call the man, and then go pick it up. Adam set it up tonight and it looks great! It's clean, not very old, and had the bassinet attachment. It will be nice both to have something to travel with and to put the new baby in to keep him away from Katrina. It's also a relief because now we have pretty much everything for this new baby except a stroller and clothes. We know which stroller we want and are just waiting until Christmas. As for clothes, I've discovered that you really just have to wait and plenty of clothes find their way to you! We didn't buy Katrina any clothes until right after my shower and that was smart. I already have a little drawer of little boy clothes that I am accumulating. :]

The drive to the park was gorgeous, through lots of farms and luxury communities and quaint towns. At the park, I had some problem climbing around the rocks, since my balance is off, but I have excellent shoes and I just took it slow. We didn't take Katrina with us for the rock banging part, but she did come with us to see a little waterfall further along the path. The little punk insisted on her Nana holding her almost the entire way down and back, so Adam's mom definitely got her weight-bearing exercise! Katrina is so awful around her grandparents these days. She screams when Nana gets out of eyesight, and then a few minutes later she'll scream when Adam or I goes away too, but if we take her away from her Nana all heck breaks loose. Also, she's taken to calling me Nananama or something like that. At church she also has her favorites--Adam brought her by to wave at me while I was playing piano yesterday and Katrina attached herself to her favorite counselor in the Primary presidency, not even looking at me. Adam had to take her away yelling then too.

When she is not yelling or throwing herself on the floor in a tantrum, Katrina is pretty cute. She liked to say "Weee" whenever she is having fun, which means whenever she is sliding backwards on her tummy down stairs, going down slides, climbing on and off of her bed, dancing to music, and other random times. In the past day or two she has also picked up "Whoa" and "Wow." Speaking of the bed, Katrina loves to play on it. She figured out how to climb on and off of it and transferred that knowledge to the couch. The couch is much harder, but she has succeeded a few times. Unfortunately, she then stands up on the very edge and I have to quickly stabilize her so she doesn't fall right off. Oh, and one more anecdote, that's all, I promise. We were waiting for our food on Saturday while eating lunch with Nana and Great Grad. I had brought a bag of whole strawberries with just the tops cut off, intending on cutting them up while we were eating. Katrina stuffed an entire one into her mouth, juice dripping everywhere (insert huge cringe). She then picked up the wad of napkins that I had put near her and wiped off her own face! She ate the whole bag of strawberries and cleaned herself up after every bite. We thought that was awesome! I tried to get her to clean herself off this morning with her own wet paper towel, but she just sucked on it. Still, progress is good. My baby might be a pain in the neck, but she has manners (she signs please and says thank you!) and she is fairly tidy.

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