Thursday, September 24, 2009

Productivity feels nice

I normally spend Katrina's naptime vegging, surfing the web, eating lunch, doing some token tidying just to make myself feel productive, and occasionally sewing. Lately I've been napping too, but that makes it so hard to sleep at night that I try to keep myself awake. Today I really wanted to get stuff done and I also had two meals to choose from for dinner that both required prep far in advance. So I am proud to say that during Katrina's nap today I:
-worked on a Christmas present and it looks great so far,
-made and ate lunch (blueberry muffins),
-took a shower,
-vegged and did my internet thing,
-and cooked dinner for tonight.

So I'm feeling pretty good. Katrina woke up in the middle of dinner prep but after I got all of the cutting and stove stuff out of the way I got her and she joined me for the rest. I am making slow cooker orange chicken. Someone pointed this blog out to me recently and it's pretty cool. She made a recipe a day in the slow cooker for a year. Now that challenge is over but she still puts recipes up. And they are all gluten-free or have modifications to make them so, which I know some of you can appreciate!

So yesterday I woke up and as the day went by I wondered if I had injured myself somehow without remembering. First, as I was taking Katrina around to the dentist and errands, I noticed that my wrist kind of hurt. I got home, and during her nap I realized that it really hurt, like a minor sprain or something. I finally located our ace bandage and that helped, but it throbbed even when not in use. I also noticed throughout the day that my ankle was kind of sore if I twisted it a certain way. Oh, and every night I deal with incredible amounts of pelvic pressure and even pain, so when I waddled to bed last night (I walk normally during the day and save my waddling for the nighttime) I felt like I had been rammed by a vehicle or something. Luckily the wrist pain is almost gone today, and my ankle is pretty manageable as long as I avoid twisting it. So weird. I get carpal tunnel while pregnant that makes my wrists hurt but that is different--it starts out as tingling while I sleep, and so far I only get it every few nights. So I just chalk this up to weird pregnancy joint stuff.

Katrina likes to gargle and to play with her tongue ("blble-blble-blble-blble"). Right now she is reading one of Adam's Aaronic Priesthood Deacon pamphlets for Duty to God, which is by far her favorite things to flip through, making funny noises. She also likes to say "Hi! Hi! Hi! Hello!"' It's cute and much better than a tantrum, so I just say hi back each time. Another favorite is "Weeeee!"

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Elise said...

That crock pot recipe looks really good. And blueberry muffins? Yum! You're making me hungry. I am sorry your ankle/wrist is hurting. Pregnancy stuff aggravates the strangest things.

P.S. I love that Katrina says HI repeatedly. How fun!