Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pajama Attachment

Now that Katrina spends so much of her sleeping time on the floor, and our nights are pretty chilly, I decided to switch Katrina's pajamas from shorts and a t-shirt to more winter-appropriate attire. So two nights ago we dressed her in a fleece shirt and pants. Then yesterday I tried to change her clothes after she woke up, and not only did Katrina protest me taking off the fleece top, but she tried to put it back over her head and her arm into the sleeve. I was pretty impressed by her stubborness, but I put her in another shirt anyway. The complaining continued until I caved in and put her pajama top back on. Then this morning, Katrina went through the same performance. A large part of me is happy to see her have preferences, but I'd like her to not be super hot during the day and to not wear the same shirt for a week, so I prevailed. We usually watch tv for a half hour before breakfast and she followed me into the living room hollering and thrusting the shirt at me until I turned on the tv and hid the shirt while she was distracted. The nice thing is that we somehow have three almost identical pink fleece shirts, so if she continues to insist on only wearing it, at least I can switch them out and wash them.

This whole toddler bed thing is pretty amusing. Most night Katrina doesn't cry when we leave her, though last night she did. Each night Adam has to go in and put her back on the bed once, and I have to go in and put her back on the bed once. Then before we go to bed, we check on her to make sure she's covered by her blanket. Sometimes she's still in the bed, but last night we had to search around a bit to find where she was on the floor. I'm glad she thinks the floor is so comfortable. Yesterday, I told her it was naptime and went to the bedroom. She followed me in like a little duckling, found her blanket, and laid down on the floor. I laughed and moved her to the crib.

Today we are going to the zoo. Fortunately Katrina fell asleep soon after I put her down, so even though she won't get a full nap in, she'll get most of one. Then Nana will pick us up and we'll join my sister-in-law and her two cute sons at the zoo. I'm anticipating that Katrina will absolutely love it, though I'm sure she'll want to get down from her stroller. We really need to get a little harness backpack so she can run around without us worrying. They're pretty cheap, so we just need to pick one and buy it. Adam will probably be all for getting the frog one, but I think it would be appropriate for her to be introduced to animals other than frogs and penguins occasionally. :]

I'll post any fun pictures from the zoo later on. Oh, and tomorrow is her first dental appointment, so that should be interesting.

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Deidre said...

Praise the backpack leash. You can even get one that looks like an animal and the leash is its tail. You'll love it when the new baby comes too.