Monday, September 28, 2009

Our little walk

Today we went on a walk! That's a big deal for me. It's been too hot and I've been too unmotivated to go on a walk for awhile. This morning I had the stroller and so I decided Katrina and I needed to get out of the house while it was still breezy and cool.
Katrina was a fan. She doesn't always like strollers these days, so I was happy that she was content. I was feeling so good on the walk that I considered walking all the way to the library. But then I sat down for a little rest and when I got back up, I felt totally beat! Plus my abdomen seizes up when I walk for any length of time, and that gets pretty uncomfortable. So when we made it to the .5 mile marker I sat down again and considered what to do: get off the trail and go to the library, get off the trail and go to the park and have to push the stroller uphill a lot, or go back on the trail and let Katrina get out and run.
I chose option number three! It was fun. At first she voluntarily (!) gave me her hand to hold and we walked slowly like that for awhile. Then she got impatient and since we had made it to the point where there were fences on both sides, I let her go. She pretty much ran the rest of the way back. Why do kids have to run everywhere as soon as they figure out how to walk? All of the joggers and walkers thought she was hilarious and cute, and she loved seeing all of the dogs. Katrina also liked cleaning the leaves off the trail and giving them to me. I amassed quite the collection. A little over halfway back, she started to lag and sit down on the trail every few feet for a rest, so I popped her back in the stroller to mild protests and we continued home. It was great. We both enjoyed it and I just put her down for a nap.
Speaking of falling asleep, we think Katrina has finally figured out the bed thing for good. The last two nights when we've checked on her, she has been in her bed instead of on the floor. We know she gets out and plays because we can hear her, so it's really nice to know that she is crawling back into bed by herself and that she's not going to fall asleep on the floor behind the door every night.

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The Pimentel Family said...

Katrina is getting so big! She's so cute! Hope you guys are doing well. :)