Saturday, September 26, 2009

Living room project

So I finished my living room project, the one I said would only cost $30. It actually cost even less than that because I got things on sales and with coupons. But my overall reaction to it is, unfortunately, "meh."
Here is what it looks like. I got the idea from this blog post. She mod podged scrapbook paper onto canvas for a nice decorative touch. I decided that would be cool to do with some pictures for our living room. We currently have a nice framed picture of the First Presidency, but I want to move that into the dining room with my leafy wall hangings. We eventually want to get a large family history fan chart to go in the living room, but haven't found one yet that we like. So I thought this would be nice, and in the future if we get the family tree, these can go on either side of it.
Here's the final look above the couch. I'm not thrilled. I wish I had used 11"x14".

I really do like the pictures, though. And up close, they look rather cool with the mod podge giving them a nice texture, like an oil painting. The pictures are, from left to right: a picture of the Savior that my sister's EFY counselor drew years ago (which is why it says "A Season for Courage," since that is what the theme was), the Family Proclamation, an awesome photo of the Salt Lake temple that I found online (that's where we were married), and one of our wedding photos.
Here's what I wish had gone differently:
1. The canvases themselves. I thought I was ordering the kind that are stretched over a wooden frame. Well, I was, but then I switched my order to the value pack with three in a package because it was much cheaper. Turns out these canvases are just stretched over a board, which gives them virtually no depth. I still painted the sides, but you can't really tell.
2. I used an inkjet printer. Everything I read beforehand about mod podge said to only use it with stuff printed from a laserjet printer. But I did a project earlier this week with mod podge and photos printed off of my printer, and it worked well, so I went ahead and printed these pages with my printer because I was impatient to work on them. This turned out fine for three of the pictures, but it caused some definite blurring and streaking on the Family Proclamation. I still went ahead and used it instead of redoing it (I have two extra canvases), but I'm unhappy with that.
3. Once again, I was too impatient. The directions on the blog post said to get out lumps and bubbles with a hair dryer and your finger. I tried to just push them down with my finger. Only one of the pictures ended up bumpless, and all of the others have fairly lumpy textures. I should have just used the dang hair dryer!
4. Because I used the thin canvases, there is nothing to affix a picture hanger to. So I hotglued some ribbon on. Also, we don't have any hammers! Do you know how many times in the last two and half weeks I have wanted to use a hammer? Tons! But we took our hammers to Ringing Rocks Park and then left them in the car, which is in the shop indefinitely. So I used pushpins.
5. Like I said before, I wish I had used 11"x14".
All in all, it doesn't look bad. I had fun. The canvases look cool. And I still have two left, so that's like a project begging itself to be thought up. But first, I also bought four 5"x5" canvases for the nursery and I want to paint those or mod podge them into something cool. I just need to think what. It would really help if we could think of a name for our little boy, but we can't decide completely. And my next project after that is a couple of Christmas presents, which I am also excited about. Since they are for a couple of little kids, maybe I'll show them here when I'm done.


Mod Podge Amy said...

Very cool - you did such a great job!

Elise said...

Yes! Show them when you're done! You are a creative genius. I've never worked with modge podge before, but you really make me want to learn how. I think the overall effect of your pictures is fantastic, and I love the black and white theme with them. It really is a nice set of artwork and I bet it compliments your living room very well.