Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little miracles

Last night I was starting to practically have an anxiety attack because I still had no idea what we would do for Stake Conference today. After Adam got home and we ate dinner, it was way too late to search for toys or entertainment for Katrina. Finally, once she got to bed, I just had to do something. So I went and searched out my extra felt and fur and foam from the quiet books I made. I thought I could do something with animals and settled on finger puppets. I also had some extra wooden rings from the teethers I made and somehow came up with the idea of making a train with a little pocket that the animals could sit in. After several hours of sewing last night and some sewing this morning too, this is what I came up with:
I found different finger puppets on Etsy to imitate. Some turned out better than others. Most are too wide to fit in the pocket on the train, but some of the foam ones fit in there pretty well.
I like these foam ones a lot. These are a penguin, bunny, and owl. Katrina liked the penguin best once we told her it was a penguin.

A cat, pig, and lion. Yes, my lion looks weird, but I wanted to use some fur.

A tiger, frog, and chick.

And a reversible train!
Stake Conference ended up going awesome. Katrina was the very best she could have been. We arrived only five minutes before it started, which meant the closest seats were the ones behind the divider in the gym where you can't see the podium but you just have to look at the tvs. Luckily someone saw us eying those chairs with a frown and he told us that there were still a couple of rows at the very front that were empty. Why do people hate the front so much? We gladly sat there. We did share the row with an old man who fell asleep three minutes in and slept the entire meeting (maybe he was awake, but his eyes were very closed). Katrina played with the puppets a little. And then she found the jackpot--I included a bunch of foam circles that I didn't end up using for the quiet book, and Adam showed her a game with dropping them in the wooden hymnal holder. I swear that game entertained her for a good half of the meeting. Then she started playing with the people behind us and after a few minutes of that they swooped her away and she sat with them for over half an hour. The only difficult part was making it through the very last talk when she was sitting with us again. Oh, and she only napped on the ride home and is crying now, so apparently she didn't fall back asleep in her crib. Oh well. We can deal with her crankiness here. But the fact that during the entire two hours in the church today we never had to take her out when last week we had to take her out 3-4 times just during one hour of Sacrament meeting, that is a miracle.


Jolena said...

So first off, I'm so impressed with the cute puppets you made! I can't believe you came up with them just on a whim. Way to go girl! You're my model for when I have one her age. I'm sure I'll be calling a lot!

And second, yay for stake conference meeting going well! I'm so glad Katrina was good for the whole meeting! I can't imagine trying to entertain a wiggly 17-month old for 2 hours if she didn't want to be entertained. Yay for blessings!

Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

These are so cute! I love the idea so much.... I might have to use it!

Evenspor said...

That's very impressive. Good job, Katrina.

The train is way cute. Good idea with the rings. That would be a cute idea for a baby toy too.

Cindy said...

Tori you amaze me. I am so impressed with the finger puppets and mad sewing skills. p.s. I like the fur on your lion. It gives it character.